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WATCH Dhinchak Pooja's Bigg Boss VIRAL SONG(lyrics too)! Music Video shot inside BB 11 house with contestants!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Oct 27, 2017 22:02 IST

From her tears to her hair lice, the much hyped entry of cringe pop sensation and Youtube star Dhinchak Pooja is finally fetching the due attention and the addition of her rap song is the best she couldv'e asked for. Both the show and the 23 yr old girl are in win-win situation with this. Well us? This time we are saved with the contribution of creatives and the Bigg Boss music.

In the Day 25 episode (no. 19) that aired last night on Thursday, we saw Bigg Boss giving Dhinchak Pooja a task to make a music video while in her punishment inside jail (kaal kothri). Bigg Boss also added saying if he likes the song and if she is successful in making a nice song then the housemates will get their luxury budget back!

She was seen writing lyrics over the co-contestants of the house with the help of her jail inmates Arshi Khan and Aakash Anil Dadlani.

The precap to today's episode of Day 26, we also witnessed how some comments made in the initial version of the rap song irked a few housemates including Sapna Chaudhary.

Sapna targets Arshi believing she is the one who fed Pooja with the input on her sleeping disorder and the Haryana dancer will create a huge drama today surrounding this. (Watch promo below:)

But all's well that ends well and here's the final music video that Pooja shot inside the BB 11 house itself, and all the contestants featured alongside her in it too.

The lyrics that provoked Sapna... "Sapna ko hai sone ki beemari" was dropped from the final version and it turns to "Sapna hamari nritya kumari".

This opportunity shall help Dhinchak hugely as we all know that all her previous songs except 'Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj' were removed from her Youtube handle because of a copyright claim by a man named 'Kathappa Singh'[Dhinchak Pooja’s Youtube Videos DELETED on Kathappa Singh’s copyright claim! It’s raining MEMES & JOKES now!].

Watch the 'Bigg Boss 11 Viral song' at bottome and here are the lyrics:

Bigg Boss par sab marte hain

Salman Weekend host karte hain

Ghar rehkar sab ladte hain

phir jail mei jaakar sadte hain

Bigg Boss ka ye concept wah wah

Arshi sexy nighties ahaan

Salman ki body Ooh-la-la-la

Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss ye hai Bigg Boss..Bigg Boss

AK (Aakash) is ghar ka rockstar

par Dhinchak asli superstar

koi na panga lena yaar

Shilpa thodi flip  hai yaar

Hiten-Arshi ka dikhta pyaar

Jud gaye yahaan pe dil ke taar

Jyoti hai pakki bihari

Sapna hamari nritya kumari

Luv ko padi hai ____ bhaari

Mez (Mehjabi) hai pakki bhartiya naari

Puneesh hai Bandgi ka real pujaari

Ben hai kaam se bilkul haari

Priyank ki hai smile sabse nyaari

Vikas khaata mithai saari

Shaggy(Sabyasachi) ko milti kichen ki baari

Hina hai khatron ki khiladi

Bigg Boss ki ye duniya niraali

Bigg Boss .. Bigg Boss..ye hai Bigg Boss Bigg Boss

Watch the new sensationl music video of Dhinchak Pooja straight from the Bigg Boss 11 house below:

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You may like her or not but you certainly cannot ignore her. Now let us know what you think of the new song?.... Post your comments below!

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