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Star Plus actor Namish Taneja ESCAPES a horrific accident on sets of Ikyawann

Published by - Team FM | Updated: Mar 13, 2018 14:09 IST

New Delhi: Many times we hear about the horrific accidents on the sets of TV shows and Bollywood films where actors get injured.

One such fatal incident was witnessed on the sets of Star Plus show ‘Ikyawann’. TV actor and lead of the show Namish Taneja escaped the fatal accident.

As per news in Spotboye.com, “The shot was set and cameras were rolling. Namish was supposed to walk towards a chair and sit on it. A huge kino light was placed right above the chair. As Namish walked towards the seat and was just about to sit on it, the kino light fell on the chair.Namish nearly escaped the mishap in the nick of time.”

Talking to the portal, Namish said, “Everything happened in a fraction of seconds. I would have been severely injured, but thankfully, I was saved by the grace of God."

Swaragini actor further added, “The generous cast and crew of my show felt I did a fantastic job in the last episode. Because of which they bombarded me with the compliments when I reached the set. They thought the accident happened because I got afflicted by the evil eye due to the compliments. They took me to a temple in order to cast off the evil eye and even put a kaala teeka on my face.”

Check out the video here:

On a related note, Namish plays the role of Satya and TV actress Prachi Tehlan plays the role of Susheel.