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Splitsvilla 10: Baseer Ali, Naina Singh are the winners of 'MTV Splitsvilla X'

Published by - IANS | Updated: Dec 11, 2017 04:25 IST

Mumbai: Baseer Ali and Naina Singh on Sunday emerged as the winners of dating reality TV show "Splitsvilla X".

In the tenth season, Baseer partnered with Naina to fight the last battle against his best friends and contenders Priyank Sharma and Divya Aggarwal.

With a renewed take on the concept of dating and love, "Splitsvilla X" -- themed 'Catch Your Match' -- was all about discovering the science behind love.

In the show, seven girls and boys who were "scientifically perfect matches" and three girls and boys who did not have any perfect matches, tried to catch their perfect match. They underwent several tests amidst the locales of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, read a statement.

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On winning the show, Baseer said: "After 'Roadies', it was only about how I could get over the guilt of losing. 'Splitsvilla' being my favourite show since I was 14 had to be what it took to earn my glory moment. One more finale, one more shot at changing everything; I was nervous and motivated at the same time."

Naina said: "I can't express in words what I felt after I won the show! It was truly one of the perfect moments ever in my life."

You know that you made it when you win by playing real. Finally , i Can proudly say , “Hey , Baseer Ali .. Winner of Mtv SplitsVilla 10.”🙈 First of All , I would love to thank my partner/Connection/BestFriend @nonaberrry Babe , We made it. Without playing dirty , without losing respect .. for we took the leap of faith and aimed for the title and stood out glorius! Thats only because you and i make a kickass unstoppable force💀. Love ya! This is ours and nobody can take it away from us! Thank you everyone for always supporting us and keeping up with us! Love yall! I promised that i will come back home a winner! @iamafshan mummyjaan , promise kept! I love you! @imabrar300 @saadzok @simraankhan @mubba_ali bro favourite show jeet gaya Alhamdulillah 😘 and each and everyone from my city , my fans and all you guys! We made it! A lot more in store ! Stay tuned! Lets Celebrate 🤡❤️ #Alhamdulillah #BaseerAli #RoadiesRising #Warrior #SplitsVilla10 #Winner #SquadRann #SquadRannKillinIt #Hustler #Hyderabad

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The show was aired on MTV.

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