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Naamkarann actor Zain REQUESTS fans to save the show from going OFF AIR

Published by - Team FM | Updated: Apr 10, 2018 09:02 IST

New Delhi: Star Plus show ‘Naamkarann’ is being very much liked by the fans and show is quite a hype amongst the youth. But despite of this, looks like that fans won’t be able to save the show’s sinking ship.

As we all know, that leap in the ‘Naamkarann’ story was introduced to make the interesting and get some good TRP numbers. Avni and Neil got separaed and then they meet again falling in love.

But the problem is that fans are watching the episodes online and not on the channel.

Lead actor of the show Zain Imam made an appeal to all the fans of Naamkarann to save the show.

As per news in Indiaforums, “Viewers who continue to watch the show online and do not watch it on TV, thereby affecting the TRPs despite having high popularity. Zain aka Neil did make an appeal to the viewers to watch the show on TV and not online so that their show can be saved. The online viewership is gradually leading to a decline in TRPs and not working in favour of the channel or makers.”

Well, don’t know on which platform did Zain made this appeal. But here is a screenshot which points out that show may go off-air soon if TRP’s are not good.

TV actress Aditi Rathore plays the role of Avni in the show.