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'Kya Haal Mr. Panchal' actress Reena Aggarwal gets BITTEN by a DOG on her FACE!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Apr 17, 2018 10:57 IST

TV actress Reena Aggarwal, who is currently playing the role of 'Prema' in 'Star Bharat' top-rated show 'Kya Haal Mr. Panchal', was recently shooting with a dog for her TV show. During the same, the dog suddenly attacked on Reena and bit her on the face, just below her right eye. The actress, who is currently in pain due to the severe injury, is on a break from shooting since then.

Reena in 'Kya Haal Mr. Panchal' (Photo: Star Bharat)

Reportedly, 'Kya Haal Mr. Panchal' team was shooting for a track in which Prema (Reena) spot a street dog & will bring it to the house & the incident took place during the same.

Speaking about the incident, a source told Tellychakkar that, “While shooting a sequence, the dog got aggressive and bit her on face. Since the injury was very severe, she had to rush to the hospital.

Reena Aggarwal (Photo: Instagram)

When the same portal contacted Reena about the same, she said that, “I myself don’t know what happened to him suddenly that he bit me on face. He attacked me below my right eye. I quickly rushed to Kokila Hospital where doctor advised to get stitches. I have already got five injections and few more to go. It’s been four days that I am not shooting and the injury will take at least month’s time to heal.

Here are some of her latest pics after the injury which she poster as her a story:

'Star Plus' lead actress gets BITTEN by a DOG; suffers INJURIES!

Reena Agarwal's Insta story after injury

Reena Agarwal's Insta story after injury

Here's wishing a speedy recovery for Reena.

First Published : Apr 17, 2018 10:57 IST