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Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar: Arshi Khan takes Salman Khan head on as he bashes her over Shilpa Shinde!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 09, 2017 04:48 IST

Did Arshi Khan just try to pull off Priyanka Jagga Muise this weekend while arguing with host Salman? Will she meet the same end?

The social media exploded with questions and speculations soon after the precap video and Weekend Ka Vaar promos were telecast in Friday night episode.

Every week the BB watchers speculate the events that Salman is going to address from the week gone by and this week one thing more than others was certain was when Arshi showed disrespect towards Shilpa's mother during luxury budget task 'Statue' by not going ahead and greeting her with other housemates.

Shilpa's mother had entered the house as the family members of all 9 contestants were seen visiting the house in the ongoing luxury budget task. There were some heart wrenching moments in these two emotions-filled episodes[WATCH: Hiten's wife gets emotional on seeing him; says no problem with Arshi flirting with her hubby!]. Hiten Tejwani's wife Gauri Pradhan's visit is yet to telecast though.

Arshi had accused Shilpa that the latter gave her Dad bad expressions disrespecting him when he was talking to her in the freeze state. Burning with anger and calling Shilpa names yet again, she even announced "aane do iske gharwalon ko mai bhi dikhaaungi".

She did not say anything to Shilpa's mother but chose to sit in one corner when everyone was released from their 'statue' mode and rushed to meet the old lady.

In the promo video we see Salman clarifying Shilpa's stand to Arshi saying to her "Ab to chup ho jao waahiyat aurat! Ye aapne Shilpa ke baare mei kaha tha, Shilpa ki Maata ghar mei theen!"

In another version of the promo Salman says to her - "Arshi madam, Shilpa bade adab se pesh aayi hain aapke Abbu ke saamne, Shilpa ne aisa kuchh kiya hi nahi."

Arshi then says in a stern voice to Salman - "Salman Sahab! Mujhe lagta hai ki aap Shilpa ki baat nahi dekh paate hain..! Vikas congratulations, ye hai aapke captain ki choice"

Before Salman, Arshi already faced lashings by not only the fans but former Bigg Boss contestants too.

"Disgusting"..."Besharam"... Arshi BASHED for disrespecting Shilpa's mother! Trends on twitter with fans bashing her! 

We already saw how Arshi's father had told her to be more respectful towards Salman addressing him as "Salman Ji" aur "Salman Sir"[VIDEO! Arshi’s father enters house during ‘Statue Task’; Tells her to respect Salman Khan!].

We now see Arshi shifting from "Salman" to "Salman Sahab" but the effort seem to have gone waste as the promos suggest.

Arshi is being compared to the infamous Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga who was thrown out by Salman after she got into a heated argument with the host[Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga Muise thrown out of the house by Salman Khan].

Having irritated us in the initial weeks, Arshi got better in between but lately she is back to her older self and we hope that the bit we saw in the sneak peek video of Weekend Ka Vaar is all there is surrounding her argument with Salman.

You think she deserves another chance?