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Bigg Boss 11: Wardrobe Malfunction! Vikas Gupta rescues Shilpa Shinde! VIDEO!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 30, 2017 18:09 IST

The 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai' actress Shilpa just suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she toppled over in the house wearing a skirt and thankfully there were two male contestants present there at the moment. Yes, there presence could've proved far more embarrassing for her but it all ended well just because of them.

In an unseen BB11 video we see Shilpa in a light blue single dress in a conversation with her used-to-be foe Vikas Gupta and another contestant Puneesh Sharma.

Vikas was seated on the single couch in the living area while Shilpa was standing against the couch's wall moving to and fro and Puneesh was lying on the floor beside them. She was saying discussing about something - "Baba i love myself..mai na karoon kabhi wo (Puneesh interrupts: Shilpa meri problem hai mai haar nahi paata hun..ya to mai wo participate hi nahi karunga wo jo jahan mai haar jaoon..agar mai participate karunga to mujhe jeetna hai..)...hmm... nahi Baba mujhe jab doctor bol denge na ki non-veg band karo tab mai [and while saying this she bends way much towards back..and begins to slip]..suicide kar loongi."

Next we see in the wide angle that Shilpa slides on the couch facing the terrace and her skirt starts to pull up and she shouts "eh eh..mere kapde! meri skirt!!". Unable to reach for her skirt, she could've faced a really embarrassing momente but Vikas pounces just at the right time stretching his arm from his couch and holds her skirt right there!

From a distance he could only manage that but then Puneesh rushes to handle the rest and folding his skirt under her legs he very elegantly puts turns her legs on to the couch.

Heaving a sigh of relief she next bursts into laughter saying "Ha ha ha... bas bas! Oh God! [with her folded hands she says to Vikas] Thank you thank you meri izzat bachaane ke liye! Mai aapka ye ehsaan zindagi bhar nahi bhoolungi. 2 din ka nahi 4 din ka tv show karungi. Saturday-Sunday tv show karungi.[and both Vikas-Shilpa do a high-five]".

Continues.."otherwise nahi.. balki host banaa do mujhe.. sabki le loongi..haste haste le loongi".

Shilpa was referring to her promise she made during the nominations task few weeks ago when Vikas had to destroy his favorite 'Lost Boy' jacket in order to save her from nomination and he happily did it. He then made the thankful Shilpa promise in return that she will work with him on a show and she agreed only for 1 or 2 days.

Old foes Vikas and Shilpa grew closer during nominations task when he agreed to destroy his favorite 'Lost Boy' jacket to save her (Pic: Colors) Old foes Vikas and Shilpa grew closer during nominations task when he agreed to destroy his favorite 'Lost Boy' jacket to save her (Pic: Colors)

All three of them enjoy the moment and laugh. Puneesh says "kay cheezen hoti hain hamare ghar mei!".


Vikas is being loved by fans for his gentlemanly behavior inside the house and trying to sort matters between housemates becoming one of the most popular contestants of this season.

We also told you that makers plan to get Vikas-Shilpa married inside house which is for a task with other housemates playing their respective family members.

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Their bonding did turn Akash Dadalni against Shilpa but fans along with show's host Salman have been loving their bond on the show.

Didn't the video make you laugh hard and at the same time respect Vikas even more? Leave your comments below!