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Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta attempts to gross housemates out with his 'poop' during luxury budget task!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 27, 2017 21:09 IST

After the comedy and cooking competition, BB 11 housemates are now given yet another challenge to compete with each other during the ongoing Luxury Budget task 'Ghar Aaye Gharwaale'


Captain Hina Khan read out the details with instructions for the co-contestants for the task that required them to play ignorant to one contestant's existence at a time while this one will try and get a reaction out of the ignoring housemates. Hina was the first who the contestants had to ignore and the task was full of fun.


While the contestants competed well in the task, their families 'padosis' sitting in the neighbouring house were scoring them. There were also some fights among the relatives during the task.


Each housemate on his turn tried anything and everything that he/she could do to get the contestants' reaction in the task.


From putting wigs on the housemates' heads to feeding them forcibly and even chasing them all over.. this task came out very entertaining until it was Vikas' turn!


Vikas, who also was seen upset watching his mother getting in an argument with other relatives, played a mastermind yet again during this task.


We have already seen Akash's mother breaking down in the initial tasks and there are more tiffs in store for audience taking place in the neighboring house.


A source told Tellychakkar that Vikas would play a master stroke to get housemates' reactions during this task and will plan to disgust them by showing them his 'poop'. But wait.. it won't be real shit but he will apply some turmeric on to a tissue making it look like the [eeeew!] yellow thing.


And if you wonder what happens next! Well, 'mastermind' is already failing in his game for a few weeks now so what do you think? Yes, Source further informed that the housemates won't give in to his 'threat' and they will simply ignore him! We seriously hope, Vikas reveals to them what it actually was on the tissue in real! Good move though Vikas! What do you guys think?


The tasks reportedly continued for 2 days and we will soon get to know who finally won the entire task and becomes the captaincy contender. The announcement of winner of BB 11 is now just 2 weeks away and game is getting interesting! (All Pics: Colors)