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Bigg Boss 11: VIDEO! Hina Khan breaks down meeting boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal during Statue Task!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 07, 2017 21:21 IST

The latest episode of BB 11 ended with the precap video of the upcoming task during which the families of the housemates are entering the glass walled house and leaving them all emotional.

We already saw glimpses of Shilpa Shinde's mother, Priyank Sharma's girlfriend Divya Agarwal, Vikas Gupta's mother and Arshi Khan's father visiting them all and now a new sneak peek video has been shared by Colors official handle and this has one of the most talked about contestant Hina Khan's beau Rocky's visit.

VIDEO: Arshi Khan’s father enters house during ‘Statue Task’; Tells her to respect Salman Khan!

Next in the same promo series is the short 20 seconds video in which Hina is seen humming the song "saan mei teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi...", probably missing her boyfriend Rocky and in next shot we see the guy making his entry into the house.

Hina hugs him tight and says in his ear - "Yaar tumhe bohot miss kiya maine!".

Next we see them talking in the bedroom and Rocky slides a ring in her finger and says "aap meri jaan ho, maine dil haara hai aap par.. I love you!".

Awww! Did the two just get engaged? Congratulations Hina and Rocky!

When Rocky leaves, Hina was in freeze position and soon after his exit she runs after him yelling "I love you".

The visit of few housemates is airing today i.e. 7th December and the rest including Hina Khan will be telecast the next day i.e. tomorrow.

Watch promo below: 

Hina has been facing the lashings in the outside world like no one else from this season for her body shaming remarks and her lies in the house and her boyfriend has been lending his strong support to her all this while.

Hina Khan’s beau Rocky Jaiswal SLAMS 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' actor Karan Patel for taking a JIBE at her!

The contestants who recently had huge fights among themselves during the Captaincy task 'BB Daycare" shed tears watching each other's reunion with their closed ones.

The task brings them all on to the same platform but we can't ignore the fact that these emotional moments also brought along some harsh realities that family members put before each one of them.

It would be interesting to watch ahead in the shows after this task finishes, which of these contestants show a total change in their attitude towards each other.

Are you too waiting for it? Who do you think will show the biggest change? Leave us your views in the comments section below!