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Bigg Boss 11: VIDEO! Contestants stunned with Shilpa Shinde's beauty, Compare her with Preity Zinta!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 15, 2017 03:12 IST

With the finale just a few weeks away, the BB 11 audience are witnessing new battles and changing equations in the house as everyone gets desperate to win the show.

Here's an unseen video from the show that's making rounds on social media where Arshi Khan, who's now totally against her once-upon-a-time friend Shilpa Shinde, was in a conversation with Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma in the garden area.

The three contestants were seen discussing Shilpa and her good looks.

When Arshi said something about Shilpa, Priyank says "sudar bohot hain yaar!".

Vikas - "Sundar to hain, kuchh nahi keh sakte us par! Khuda ne nawaza hi itna achha hai inko!"

Arshi - "Aur bol do, abhi pagal ho jayegi! Abhi eyebrows oopar kar karke pagal ho jayegi!"

Vikas - "Unko thodi bol raha hun main abhi, tumko bataa raha hun!"

Priyank - "Matlab, mai to complement kar deta hun unko, jab achhi lagti hain, bol deta hun.."

Vikas - "jab achhhi lagti hain, bol dete hain!"

Priyank - "Jaise last weekend mei sunday, jab pool mei utar rahi theen.. bohot sundar lag rahi theen wo!"

Arshi - "last weekend kya pehna tha? haan! white color ke kapde pehne the! White mei to bohot pyari lagti hain!"

Here's Shilpa slaying in a white suit that Priyank and Arshi just praised her for. (Pic: Colors) Here's Shilpa slaying in a white suit that Priyank and Arshi just praised her for. (Pic: Colors)

Vikas - "Wo na bade Preity Zinta wale look aa jaate hain, jab Indian kuchh pehenti hain na.. kya!!! bilkul...! 40 ki kisi angle se nahi lagteen. 40 bolti hain! To thodi to badi hongi usse! Aurton ki age wo chhupa ke bataati hain! Lekin, 40 ki lagti nahi hain, 30-32 ki lagti hain bas!"

Arshi - "Haan wo to hai!"

Priyank - "25-26 rahi hongi to keher ddhaaya hoga inhone!"

Vikas - "actually! maine bataya na! ye starting se hi aisi hi lagti hain! change hi nahi hai! maltab ye na, aisi hi hain aur aisi hi rahi hain! jab wo 20-25 thi to aisi hi theen matlab in terms of weight wagairah bhi.. aisi hi rahi hain! Hain hi pretty!"

Vikas, who was once at logger heads with Shilpa, now goes along pretty well with her and he has also been supporting her during various fights in the house too. While it's pleasing to see Priyank who once called her "saand", praise her for her beauty. And Arshi has been on and off with her and she still has a soft corner for Shilpa.

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Watch videos below: 

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We totally agree with the trio and Shilpa does look stunningly beautiful. If not Preity Zinta, which actress does Shilpa remind you of?