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Bigg Boss 11: UNSEEN PICS! Vikas Gupta once had long hair..waist & shoulder length!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 28, 2017 06:08 IST

The tall guy with a razor sharp mind inside the Bigg Boss 11 house chooses to look simple and elegant when it comes to dressing & styling.


But we were shockingly surprised to see some of his pictures from not too long ago wherein he looks not only stylish but he even experimented with his hair. His hair length varied from shoulder length to waist length and the very confident guy is captured in the cool hairdos on trip, gatherings and even at wedding functions.


Let's begin the journey into the BB11 'mastermind' Vikas's life in the recent past. Filmy Monkey brings you these unseen pictures first and we bet you are going to love them as much as you do his game inside the glass walled house.


Here's an unrecognizable Vikas Gupta as a young guy during a photoshoot slaying with his good looks chilling in a pool.


Vikas who runs a production company Lost Boy Productions, is a huge TV producer and he is very close to the biggies of TV. Here seen with Tv queen Ekta in his early days.


Vikas in awesome looking shoulder length hairstyle with Ekta Kapoor.


Vikas goes along really well with many Tv actors and actresses. Here's Ekta-Vikas goofing around at a party.


Vikas has produced shows like ‘Gumrah’, ‘MTV Fanaah’, ‘Talaash’, ‘Warrior High & more. Seen here in long hair bonding with actress Kritika Kamra.


However inside BB11 he got into weeks-long fight with co-contestant Shilpa Shinde who alleged that he had a key role to play in her ouster from ''Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai'. Vikas was then the head of '&TV' channel. The two have now reconciled though.


Yet another picture of Vikas enjoying some breeze flaunting his long hair with buddy Kritika.


Oh! By the way! Looks like, he had the love for long hair since his young days. This is a much older picture of Vikas in the similar hairstyle.


Another one! Surprised right?


Vikas with a female friend on a trip. In the very first week of BB11, Vikas had an ugly fight with Hina when she was telling housemates that Priyank Sharma had told her that Vikas is bisexual. He never make it official though, but Vikas is known to be a bisexual.


Vikas having some fun playing dhol-nagada during Ganesh festival.


Yet another hairdo!


Vikas seem to have loved experimenting with his hair a while ago. Here seen without hair.


And now comes the shocker! No! that's not photoshop! That's Vikas with really long hair. This picture had surfaced on social media right after he entered BB11 but we wondered if it was real. We now know it was!


Vikas had shared this picture with his buddy Karan Kundra a while ago captioning it - "throwback to long hair"


And we looked a little harder for them, we found string of other pictures where Vikas was seen in waist length grown hair at various occasions. Here seen with hair tied behind, donning a sherwani at a function posing with friend-actress Anita Hassanandani, her husband Rohit Reddy & writer Mushtaq Sheikh.


Whoa! whoa!!!..is the only thing that comes to mind seeing him in this avatar. That's very gutsy to pose in curly long hair with a suit on! Seen with new bride Anita Hassanandani 4 years ago.


Another one from Anita's Wedding reception and the 'mastermind' Vikas leaves us surprised once again!


Vikas all smiles in his 'lambe-kaale-ghaney' baal...posing with Ekta Kapoor and friends.


Vikas Gupta is one of the strongest contenders of BB11 trophy and he earned fans with only his game.


Vikas with his Mother Sharda Gupta.


Vikas with Mom Sharda and close friends.


Buddies Vikas and Ekta!


An old picture of Vikas! (All Pics: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter)


Why is he posing like this here in this picture, is a mystery for us though! Didn't you just love the unseen avatars of Vikas? Or are you shocked? Do write whatever you have in mind after seeing these pics...Below in Comments column!