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Bigg Boss 11: UNSEEN PICS! Luv Tyagi's beard look & Salman look-alike avatars will blow you away!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 29, 2017 21:25 IST

The hunk of Bigg Boss 11, delhi student Luv Tyagi now not only looks far different from how he did at the time he entered as 'padosi' but he also proved to be an underdog and gained huge fan following in the last month of the show. (Pic: Colors)


Luv also drew attention due to his strong resemblance with Salman Khan and now some of his unseen pictures have surfaced on the internet which will blow your minds.


Luv may not be looking anywhere close to them currently but many of those pictures prove that Luv has been Salman's huge fan. From copying his hairstyles to copying his beard-moustache style.. Luv managed to almost looks like Superstar's duplicate in them.


For instance, See this one first! That stubble, that hairdo and those big eyes which he's naturally blessed with... The look reminds of Salman Khan for certain.


And here's a split-window comparison we thought you would like to make between the two! Doesn't that amaze you?


In the show Luv may have come in the limelight lately but the fanclubs of 'Bhaijaan' have been noticing their resemblance since a long time. Here's one we found on the social media.


Recently, Luv had cited the famous dialogue of Salman "ek baar jo maine commitment kar di.." during Weekend Ka Vaar and the housemates also find the resemblance between the two. (Pic: Colors)


Check out another unseen look of the dashing Luv Tyagi donning a beard. Luv is seen in a stubble inside BB 11 house but never a beard. And this picture also reminds of Salman's look.


If you don't believe us, look at this! The similar aviators and that forehead with also the beard..!


Here's another one we tried to compare it with!


Yet another one a fanclub posted.


Not only now, even at a younger age, Luv did look a lot like Salman used to look in his earlier films.


Yet again the hairstyle and the beautiful eyes of Salman make Luv look like he could easily pulled off a body double for the superstar.


And here's one that will blow you away. See that? Yeah! That's 'Sultan' avatar of Luv Tyagi.


And when we tilted Luv's picture a bit and gave it same color tone as that of Salman's 'Sultan' poster.. we get this..! Amazing isn't it?


Here are some more unseen pictures of Luv from a few years ago. Can you find a picture of Salman matching these?


Luv Tyagi's unseen picture


Luv Tyagi with ear studs remind of 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo's Salman!


Here however he looks more like Pulkit Samrat. That may disappoint him.


Young and handsome Luv Tyagi .