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Bigg Boss 11: This popular contestant is the NEW CAPTAIN of the house!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Dec 01, 2017 16:42 IST

This week's luxury budget task 'Liliput aur daanav' turned out to be a ruthless task. The team of Shilpa, Bandgi, Hiten & Punessh was declared as the winner of the task. (Photo: Colors)


Now again its time to choose the next captain of the 'Bigg Boss' house. The housemates had to vote for the two best performers from the task. (Photo: Colors)


Majority of the contestants voted for Priyank Sharma & Vikas Gupta & the two then competed against each other. (Photo: Colors)


In the captaincy task, the two contenders were DJ’s and few songs were played & their supporters danced on the floor one by one. (Photo: Colors)


The contender who had the maximum supporters will win the task. (Photo: Colors)


The conestants tried their level best and danced like there's no tomorrow to support their favorite captaincy contender. (Photo: Colors)


Foe-turned-friend Shilpa Shinde danced to support Vikas Gupta. (Photo: Colors)


Now, the name of the new captain has been revealed. (Photo: Colors)


According to India Forums, Vikas Gupta is the new captain of 'Bigg Boss 11'. (Photo: Colors)


It will now be interesting to see if housemates will co-operate with the new captain or not. Stay tuned for more updates! (Photo: Colors)