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Bigg Boss 11: The change in Vikas Gupta's behavior has left Salman Khan shocked!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 23, 2017 20:56 IST

Everyone awaited hot Salman Khan's reaction this Weekend Ka Vaar on the huge physical fight between Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani that took place recently inside the jail/kaalkothri and now with the first glimpse of the episode we can be sure he is going nice on him. Or he isn't?

Well, the makers have just released a small picture and we see a surprised Salman discussing with the housemates what brought this huge change in Vikas by the 12th week.

Salman looks surprised that the Vikas in week 11 and the Vikas in week 12 are two totally different persons.

Vikas Gupta & Akash Dadlani get into PHYSICAL FIGHT; will they be THROWN OUT of the house?

In the small promo clip, Salman doesn't mention the fight but when he asked Hina Khan the cause for the transformation in Vikas she says ever since Hiten Tejwani was evicted last week, Vikas has been feeling lonely and he's now back to being good friends with Priyank Sharma.

Puneesh Sharma then intervenes and gives a better insight into this by saying that the game was in Vikas' hands until week 11 but this week when Akash Dadlani threw Vikas' egg during Captaincy contender-ship task in the pool, the game slipped away from his hands.

Ex contestants & celebs SUPPORT Vikas Gupta after his PHYSICAL FIGHT with Akash Dadlani!

Salman then quips with "how do you know it has slipped away from his hands? What if whatever is now happening is also what he(Vikas) wants!!? Wo kehte hain na toofan se pehle ki shaanti!". Everyone laughs!

Not ready to give up, Puneesh then promptly gets back with - "par Sir aisi ek aur bhi to kahawat hai! Diya bujhne se pehle phadphadaata hai!!!"

Vikas in his defense says - "Sir I'm the same as i was in the 11th week but Hiten used to calm me down while we talked walking in the garden area so things would mellow down. I'm close to Priyank too but there are certain things that I was able to share with Hiten but not Priyank!"

With just this sneak peek we can be sure that Vikas-Akash's unfortunate fight event has taken over this Weekend. Larger picture is yet to be seen though!