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Bigg Boss 11: Sunny Leone's task 'Thoda Khao Thoda Lagao' serves as huge opportunity for housemates to get back at each other!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 18, 2017 20:40 IST

The housemates jumped in joy when Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone who is also a former Bigg Boss 5 contestant entered the house looking hot in a white dress. Sunny was promoting her film 'Tera Intezaar'.


Everyone ran to give her a welcoming warm hug and then after seating everyone in the garden area, she reveals the surprise task she has come with for the housemates.


Sunny then removes the cloth from the table placed next to her and it had eatables like eggs, bananas, butter, chocolate, chilli sauce etc.


She announces that it's a fun task called 'Thoda Khao Thoda Khilao' and the first person to be called to play it in the promo clip is Arshi Khan.


Sunny offers Arshi butter and asks her to name one person who butters everyone in the house. To our surprise Arshi chooses Hiten's name but in a few moments later we realized how she actually found a way to complete her desire.


Hiten is baffled who's now only in a towel all ready for the task that requires Arshi to feed him butter and also smear it all over his body. Arshi walks seductively forward with the bowl and says "kahan kahan lagaoon!".


She then begins to apply butter on his face very sensuously making the spectator housemates burst out in laughter while Hiten is irritated like always. She carried on and puts some on his chest too. Then she also feeds him.


Here's how Sunny reacte!


Remember how Hiten always tries to avoid Arshi and keeps her at distance! Arshi didn't miss this lifetime opportunity and this turned out to be one epic moment for fans! Everyone including SHilpa Shinde were in splits watching this!


Then Hiten was to choose a 'bandar' (monkey) of the house and no guesses for that! It was Akash! Akash yet again entertained with his antics jumping and scratching himself like a monkey while Hiten feeds and applies bananas on him.


In the task ahead, Vikas chooses Hina when asked who needs to be sweeter and then he pours chocolate all over her.


Vikas puring chocolate on Hina hoping this sweetens her more.


Vikas and Hina during the task 'Thoda Khao Thoda Lagao".


Hina in return chooses Vikas as the person who needs to come out of his shell. She then breaks eggs on his head and feeds him raw eggs too.


In the glimpse we figure that Sapna was the only one who didn't enjoy her turn since she was chosen by Shilpa as the most boring person in the house. Furious Sapna then herself drinks the chilli sauce.


Later, Shilpa pours some on her body as the task demanded.


The official handle of Colors posted this sneak peek video a while ago but removed it later. We are sure the full taks will be far more fun! (All Pics: Colors)