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Bigg Boss 11: Splitsvilla 10 Video! Priyank Sharma & Ex-Girlfriend Divya Agerwal discuss their sexual fantasy with each other!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 08, 2017 21:06 IST

Priyank Sharma's love life turned into a controversy with the recent visit of his estranged girlfriend Divya Agerwal inside BB 11 house during luxury budget task 'Statue'.

Divya had announced break up with her beau after he grew close to his friend and evicted contestant Benafsha Soonawalla on the show. Divya was also miffed with him for never accepting his relationship with her inside the house and instead some US-wali girlfriend of his was being discussed among contestants.

However Benafsha later cited all her romance and intimacy with Priyank as a "big fat joke" going on to even compare him with "Big brother" but Divya was in no mood to patch up with him and confronted him on the same.

EVICTED contestant Benafsha reacts on her CLOSENESS with Priyank Sharma; compares him with ‘elder brother’!

Priyank was seen seating next to Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan when they were sent into freeze mode by BB as Divya entered the house. Divya then kneeling down before him, held his hand and went on to complain telling him "I've anways parted ways with you.. You have hurt me so much".

Tears rolled down Priyank's face, making audience believe at first that the hunk was guilty as he ran after Divya calling her name adorable "D...D....!".

Soon after, his buddies Luv and Hina confronted him saying "why didn't you say anything while she accused you? And weren't you guys dating?". To everyone's surprise then, Priyank reveals that he had actually broken up with Divya before entering Bigg Boss 11. Vikas Gupta on the other hand was also miffed with Priyank and he was heard telling other housemates how Priyank gets romantically involved one girl in each reality show and then gets trapped.

Priyank and Divya were the love birds that their fans rooted for because of their awesome chemistry on the ongoing MTV Splitsviall 10 which is now in it's final week.

MTV shared a throwback video of the two while they were on the show and dating. This is from a few months ago during show's shoot.

Seen seated beside each other on a couch, the then-couple is then asked some intimate and interesting questions and Divya answered them all.

A few highlights of this video interview actually break our heart and these are the Q/A below with Divya:

Q - "What would you do if you saw Nivedita(another Splitsvilla contestant) and Priyank kissing each other?

A- I'll kill you [Divya raising hand warns Priyank]

Q- Describe a sexual fantasy that you would like to fulfill in Splitsvilla with Priyank?

A- There are so many actually! [Says Priyank...]..It's everything. I think we need to try everything. [Says Priyank...]...Yeah! because we really...!

Q- If you could be invisible who would you stalk out of all the contestants?

A- [Divya points at Priyank].. Priyank! [And Priyank bends to bite her finger] I just want to stalk you while you are showering.. May be when you're changing.. when you....!

Q- Would you pose nude for Playboy if they offered you 1 million dollars?

A- No way! [Priyank turns to her saying "1 million dollars!!!" and quickly says...] I'll do it! 

Watch below: 

Well, after watching this, we can't agree more with Vikas who said Priyank does it for the shows! Crying with anger and pain, Divya during her BB 11 visit was also heard saying to Priyank "they are calling us fake yaar! Hum fake to nahi the yaar! Teri taraf se nahi pataa lekin meri taraf se to tha yaar!".

Well, we won't say anything further but would like to know what you guys think instead?