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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani nominated for evictions this week?

Published by - Team Fm | Updated: Dec 04, 2017 17:10 IST

There's an interesting task task given to housemates this week called 'Rani aur Sewak'.


The task called 'Rani and Sewak' will assign the male contestants the job to serve the female contestants of the house and we will get to see some very interesting moments in the episode like this one here, in which Arshi Khan will ask 'sewak' Hiten Tejwani to remove her hair strand from her shoulder and knowing their sweet & sour relationship we understand why he does it with that kind of face.


In the first glimpse of the task, it seem like Akash Dadalni and Priyank Sharma are 'slaves' to 'queen' Shilpa Shinde


Also the nominations process had a very interesting twist this week. In the initial inputs on nominations result, this week two contestants are nominated for elimination.


In the nominations twist, housemates had to instead give one name who they want to save from nominations this week.


We have seen the changing equations in the house and also saw Akash and ARshi planning on playing a game with Shilpa posing as a friend to her. Finally BB turns to Vikas Gupta with the special power after the housemates chosen their favorite to save this week.


Vikas was then asked to save one out of the nominated contestants and nominated one from the saved ones.


According to the reports it is the friends-turned-foes duo Akash and Shilpa who are nominated for eviction this week. The duo who had been very close in the initial weeks has completely fallen apart after Akash was miffed with Shilpa for patching up with Vikas Gupta. (All Pics: Colors)


And coming to the fun task, Luv Tyagi who got saved this Weekend Ka Vaar with Bandgi Kalra getting evicted, also has some entertainment up his sleeve for audience. Playing 'sevak' to Hina Khan along with Puneesh Sharma, These two will be turned into a woman during the fun task.


Looks like, Hiten, who was even asked to strip for Arshi Khan in the promo video of the task, pulled off until last. Vikas Gupta was another slave to Arshi along with Hiten.


And wait.. there's also reportedly a secret room twist in store this time along with nominations which has been making buzz for a long time. Only earlier there was plan to send Hina and now it's her arch rival.


Another wild card entry on the show has been long talked about. This could finally happen this week. Buzz is that both of them joining the wild card contestant in the secret room.

First Published : Dec 04, 2017 17:10 IST