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Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan with sore throat lashed out at this week's villain Puneesh Sharma!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 02, 2017 21:13 IST

The week gone-by was again full of drama and fights, though less in comparison to the initial weeks but certain incidents that took place were expected to be raised by the host Salman and he did.

The first 2.26 minutes long promo video is out and we see none other than Puneesh Sharma standing as the 'Villain of the week' in the katgharaa while Salman taking his case.

Puneesh lost his cool with Akash recently and what was more shocking at that moment was that the former also threw his eggs being friend in the pan and went on to also hurl his slipper at the latter which just missed him.

And then we saw a very aggressive Puneesh during the luxury budget task 'Lilliput Aur Daanav'.

Salman, who's been suffering from a bad throat for last 2-3 days, begins by saying to him in a very heavy voice- "Aap logon ne Puneesh ko villain of the week chunaa! Mere hisaab se bhi, darshakon ke hisaab se bhi Puneesh ghar ka villain hai!"

Continues.. "Jo rawaiyya aapne apnaaya hai, wo kaabil-e-tareef hai!(says sarcastically). Aapka bartaaz hum dekhte aaye hain, aapka aapa khona.. out of control ho jaana.. gandi gandi gaaliyan bakna.. badtameezi se pesh aana aur phir kabhi-kabhi jaake maafi maang lete ho lekin uske baad phir se square one pe aa jaate ho!"

"Ek-dusre pa gussa nikaalna samajh mei aata hai par aapne khaane par gussa nikaala. Aur ye jo khaana jo waste karna hai.. it is not cool at all!"

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Salman then also turns to Shilpa who did not object to Puneesh's behavior at that time. And remember how a few hours ago Shilpa had a huge fight with Hina for wasting a paratha in the same day? Probably that's the reason Salman targetted Shilpa.

And we bet the fans of Hina and Hina herself must be happy who've been accusing the host and makers of being bias towards Shilpa and team. Salman on last Weekend Ka Vaar had slammed both Hina and Priyank Sharma for slut shaming ARshi Khan and Shilpa.

Before Priyank did it, Hina had called Shilpa “Hathini” & Arshi “Bhaisi” in two different weeks!

Salman asked Shilpa - "Aur Shilpa! inhone khana pheka.. aapne uske oopar react hi nahi kiya!?"

Shilpa did not know how to defend herself and made excuses saying "us waqt itni saari baaten hoti hain.. sab bol rahe hote hain.. samajh nahi aata ki kya ... us samay kuchh bhi bol pana mumkin nahi hai. Maine baad mei usko bola tha".

Salman - "aise time par you need to say!"

Then he again hits at Puneesh saying "aapne usi time par Akash par chappal bhi de maara. Aap hi ke sath kyon hota hai? Chappal phekna, gaali dena, thookna!?"


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First Published : Dec 02, 2017 21:11 IST