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Bigg Boss 11: Ravi Dubey wants his friends Hina Khan & Vikas Gupta to stand TOGETHER!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Dec 01, 2017 15:06 IST

'Bigg Boss 11' contestants Vikas Gupta & Hina are considered as one of the strongest contestants of the show. Initially, the two were buddies but circumstances changed soon & the two indulged in fights with each other. Photo: Colors)


One of the main reasons for their fights was difference in view. But a popular TV actor wants Hina & Vikas to be friends again. (Photo: Colors)


The TV actor is none other than Ravi Dubey who is friends with both Vikas Gupta & Hina Khan. (Photo: Instagram)


Speaking about the show, Ravi told an entertainment portal that, "To be honest, I have followed every single episode so I know most of the contestants and have observed them from the beginning. What I have realised is that there are dramatic changes in their behaviour. Therefore, at this point, I cannot say who is playing well and who isn't." (Photo: Web)


Ravi also spoke about his friends Hina & Vikas in the show. He said, "I have two friends in the house- Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. So my closest observation of these two people. When they do some right in the house, I feel really proud but when they do something wrong, I don't judge them. The reason being in the volatile situation like that you cannot gauge and form an opinion about anyone." (Photo: Colors)


The actor wants them to stand together in the show. Speaking about the same, he told Pinkvilla that, "Most of what is happening in the house is out of the moment of impulse. I would like Vikas and Hina to stand together- because they are from the same industry, similar space. I think they can look at each other's flaws, wrongdoings and right things and collectively become a force." (Photo: Colors)


While Vikas & Ravi have known each other since a long time. Also, they have many common friends. (Photo: Colors)


Hina & Ravi became friends on the sets of popular reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 8'.(Photo: Instagram)


Hina is creating buzz for the wrong reasons for her behavior & controversial statements & various celebs are also slamming her for the same. (Photo: Colors)


Whereas Vikas is being loved by the viewers for being a good soul and is known as the 'mastermind' of 'Bigg Boss 11' house. (Photo: Colors)


After various tiifs with each other, Vikas & Hina are finally back on talking terms. But, it'll be interesting to see if the two will become friends or not. Stay tuned for more updates! (Photo: Colors)