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Bigg Boss 11: NEW ENTRIES in the house as 'Padosis' including Bandgi Kalra leave contestants emotional & surprised!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 25, 2017 22:12 IST

Looks like, the BB 11 makers are now trying their last best to get audiences' attention while the show's finale is just two weeks away. In the new twist, the relatives of the existing 7 contestants which also included Bandgi Kalra and Rocky Jaiswal are going to enter the house but as the padosis in the attached room.

The new sneak peek video shows Priyank Sharma and Luv Tygi breaking into tears as they witness the entries of their mothers through the Tv monitor while Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani's mothers entered the house the second time. All four of them jumped in joy with tears in their eyes.

This time it was not Shilpa's mother but her brother who entered the house. She looked surprised to see him.

Hina's boyfriend Rocky and Puneesh's girlfriend who was also the contestant in this season also enter the show. No points for guessing how Hina reacted seeing Rocky.. she did cry and laugh and jumped yet again! Puneesh was overjoyed to see Bandgi again.

ALSO - Evicted contestant Arshi Khan cries her heart out in a Video message after leaving the house!

It is not clear though what these 6 new entries in the neighboring house are set to do in the episode ahead but the glimpse hints that it is going to be a task and that not an easy one for sure.

Remember how Priyank Sharma was wishing to meet his mother after his Ex-Girlfriend Divya Aggarwal entered the show during 'Statue' task instead? Well, we don't know if he gets to meet her this either!

Watch the promo below and prepare for another emotion-packed episode ahead...

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