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Bigg Boss 11: Meet Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh & daughter Aayat; UNSEEN family PICS!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 10, 2017 15:03 IST

Mehjabi & Sabyasachi entered the show as 'padosis' along with Lucinda Nicholas & Luv Tyagi. (Pic: Colors)


In last night's episode Mehjabi did manage to appear on cameras when she got into a fight with Hina Khan. Taking digs at each other over 'standard', the two had a loud verbal spat when Ben was discussing her ugly battle with Akash. (Pic: Colors)


Beofore this, the first time she got attention was with this 'black magic' activity in the night which sent shivers down her co-contestants' spine. She was later heard saying it happens to her at times that she beings to gaze without realizing she's doing it! (Pic: Colors)


The next time there was buzz created surrounding Mehjabi was when she faced color discrimination inside BB 11 house. (Pic: Colors)


It all had begun with one luxury task in the house 2 weeks ago, when Mehjabi's team members including Hina Khan had revealed to her that Puneesh calls her ‘kaali dayan’ and Shilpa Shinde 'gori dayan'. Mehjabi and Shilpa were getting along well that time! (Pic: Colors)


This didn't go down well with Mehjabi and she said she's proud of her complexion. She confronted Puneesh on the same. This is when she was told that Shilpa had infact said about her "wo 1.5 saal ka bachcha chhod kar ghar mei aayi hai, mai hoti to kabhi nahi aati". (Pic: Colors)


A few hours later during the same task, we saw Mehjabi in conversation with Bandgi, Akash & Jyoti sitting outside the 'cave' and here she opened up about her husband and daughter. She tells them that her husband Azim Sheikh loves her immensely and even though she didn't have a baby after 10 years of marriage, he didn't think of another wife despite her permission. She told them she had her daughter Aayat after 12 years of marriage. (Pic: Colors)


Mehjabi was also conscious about her looks after Puneesh called her 'kaaa bhoot' and she said when she wears makeup she can give a tough competition to even the fair complexioned girls. She made a mention of her brother who makes music videos and says she was offered to model but she refused. (Pic: Colors)


Well, here's Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband who she claims looks like Manu Punjabi and can't we can't agree more. That is Azim Sheikh with daughter Aayat Sheikh. (Pic: Colors)


Remember this moment when Mehjabi confronted Shilpa infront of Salman Khan? Salman had told her that all mothers all over the world go to work despite their child adding to it that Shilpa did not have a bad intent in commenting on the same. Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi were guests on the show and Mehjabi had mentioned "ye manu punjabi jaise hi to dikhte hain mere husband". (Pic: Colors)


Filmy Monkey is the first to bring you these pictures of Mehjabi's family which were unseen yet! Meet the super cool husband of Mehjabi Siddiqui who's a model by profession.


Mehjabi was also showing her family pictures inside the BB 11 house and this is one of them in which her husband Azim is seen kissing their newly born daughter Aayat. (Pic: Colors)


Here's another one from her album. And you will be shockingly surprised to know that the stunningly beautiful looking girl here in this picture is actually Mehjabi herself and the other person is her musician-singer brother Wasim Sheikh. (Pic: Colors)


Here's Mehjabi with her mother. (Pic: Colors)


And now meet the Manu Punjabi's 'look-alike' husband of Mehjabi's... Azim Sheikh.


The 30 yr old man married Mehjabi about 12 yrs ago (as she claimed) and they have a 1.5 yr old daughter together.


Here's Mehjabi's adorable daughter Aayat's picture we laid our hands on and Awww! this is the munchkin her mother has left behind to 'work'! Hats off to Mehjabi!


Now take a look at almost unrecognizable Mehjabi in these pictures and we totally understand why she said earlier "jab mai make up kar leti hun na to log bas dekhte reh jaate hain".


Mehjabi had mentioned that her husband is a rapper too. Well Filmy Monkey found out that Azim Seikh is a model and he recently rapped in a music video.


That's Azim and Wasim Sheikh, the first is Mehjabi's husband who featured in the music video made by her brother Wasim seen with Azim here. Wasim is a a singer.


Azim Sheikh rapping and dancing around with girls in the music video 'Daddy Bole' by Wasim Sheikh.


And here are some more unseen pictures of Mehjabi Siddiqui and her husband Azim Sheikh.... Check out....!


Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh during a photoshoot


Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh


Mehjabi Siddiqui at airport right before leaving for Mumbai to enter Bigg Boss 11 house and her husband Azim and brother Wasim Sheikh come to see her off.


Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh a few years ago clean shaven


Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh


Mehjabi Siddiqui's husband Azim Sheikh posing for cameras during photoshoot


Mehjabi Siddiqui all decked up during family function and posing with brother Wasim Sheikh


Mehjabi Siddiqui looking cool with shades posing with brother Wasim Sheikh.


Beautiful couple Mehjabi Siddiqui and husband Azim Sheikh


Mehjabi is nominated for evictions this week and there are huge chances of her elimination. Another padosi who's nominated along with her and who's been as much inactive in the house, Sabyasachi Sathpaty has reportedly won the captaincy task and he's next week's captain. Let's see if finally Mehjabi leaves or someone else! BACK TO HER PICS.. How did you find her family pics and her altogether different look in them?