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Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi's chopped hair bald look REVEALED! Reminds Hina of 'Tere Naam's Salman!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 01, 2017 17:33 IST

Remember the day when the Bigg Boss 11 audience were also put through torture along with the housemates having to witness such extreme actions being taken to win the luxury budget task just 2 days ago?


Team Hina got cruel with Team Shilpa the previous day and the next day it was revenge time. While Akash Dadlani was left with a swollen face by use of garlic, Puneesh mercilessly ran trimmer through Luv Tyagi's hair who had done the same to him in round 1.


This was the last picture/video we had seen of Luv with his hair chopped when he was heard saying "Mere baal meri jaan the!". You can spot his hair fallen on the ground too.


We just learnt from the unseen videos uploaded by Colors on Voot that the handsome Delhi guy is not at all pleased with his new 'forced' hairstyle and dons a topi hiding them beneath all the time.


The young guy had even gone to two mature contestants of the house, Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani, showing them his hair complaining. He apparently had taken off his topi for the first time.


While Hiten praised him saying he does look good in this new cut, Vikas compared him to movie 'gundaas'.


Vikas said to Luv "wo jo Salman Khan ki filmon mei gundey nahi aate maarne.. waisa lag raha hai tu!"


Luv was heartbroken to hear this. However Vikas had more input to give on how Luv looks now!.. Read on....


Luv had tried his best using his force to stop Puneesh from chopping his hair continuously throwing his hand around and it resulted in a messed up set of hair.


That's why he wisely decided to bid them all good bye and don a bald look for a while.


Luv takes off his cap never out in open but only in the wasrhoom area. This was the moment when Akash wanted to rap and dance on his new song and asked the other two 'taklaas'(bald guys) to join in.


Look how bad his hair still look from behind with an uneven surface.


Akash then urged Luv to perform on the same song inside the bedroom. This time Arshi also joined them.


In another instance when Priyank made Luv take off his cap in the bedroom area, Hina tells him that he looks like Salman Khan from 'Tere Naam'.


Vikas Gupta who was also present there, had something to add to his villain comment and he this time says "tu na South Indian villain ban sakta hai". (All Pics: Colors)


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