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Bigg Boss 11: Look who asked Shilpa Shinde to apply lotion on his bum, leaving her shocked!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 22, 2017 20:02 IST

It happened on a recent morning w hen everyone was lying in bed while one of the contestants was walking around in pain.


This was none other than Akash Dadlani who was whining in pain and tells everyone "i wish yahan ladkiyan nahi hoti na to mai pant giraakar dikhaata andar jo laal hua hai na!"


He then goes around asking them to apply lotion on his bum that Bandgi gave him in order to get relieved from pain. Hiten was in splits seeing him this way and apparently it was him only who was the reason for Akash's pain. Akash asks Puneesh to do the needful but Puneesh refuses to do it.


Akash then turns to Shilpa who was busy chopping vegetables sitting on a side and calls out for her saying "Shilpa! Shilpa!! lotion laga do na please!". Shilpa asks "kahan lagaoon?".


On learning what the matter was, she is seen in shock. While he then proceeds towards the washroom, Shilpa yells at him "doon kya ek?.. [turning towards other housemates she says]Iska din..kharaab time aa gaya lagta hai!!! Bechara jaanta nahi hai mujhe!"


Hiten then tells Shilpa it's her who gave him a chance to be this naughty with her. He tells her, "Dekho kya hai, ki boundary ek line hoti hai. Agar uske andar aane diya na to wo aapko sambhalna padta hai!"


Irked Shilpa responds with, "Sambhaalungi usko abhi aise na, ki zindagi bhar yaad rakhega wo ki mai Bigg Boss 11 season mei tha aur mere baj gaye the 12! Har baar baje hain uske baarah, jis baar usne panga liya hai!"


Akash then returns and Hiten asks him "andar sab theek hai?". And in the next moment it was revealed that it was none other than Hiten himself who apparently had spanked Akash causing him pain in his bum. This were the unseen moments from BB 11 house which were uploaded as Bigg Boss Extra Dose on Voot.


He warns Akash again by saying, "tu ek aur baar ladaa na mere se kisi bhi wajah se, mai tere ko bolta hun tera chhil jayega. Baitthne ke layak nahi rahega is ghar mei ye mai guarantee deta hun tujhe". Akash says pointing at Hiten, "iski shakal dekhta hun na to mujhe pain dikhta hai!". Hiten: "pain dikhega hi!".


Akash then goes back to his 'Maa' who he recently got back with after a long fight in the recent weeks. He complains to her "usne mujhe bohot peeta". She says "toh keeda karne ko kisne bola tha!". (All Pics: Colors)


Shilpa has been slapping Hiten on his butt in fun while Akash always confronted her for doing so! He also mentioned this before host Salman Khan saying "wo married aadmi ke tui par maarti hai" and Salman had said "Hiten is capable enough to speak for himself". Was this the reason for Akash's bizarre request from Shilpa?


This also reminds us of an earlier incident when Priyank had sent Benafsha to call Shilpa so she can sit on him helping him to do pushups. Shilpa felt offended and angered by this gesture of his. By going easy with Akash this time, we can surely tell that her bond with him is back to strong after their recent tiffs! Although Akash can push the boundaries in future too like he just did! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Let us know BY writing in COMMENTS section below!