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Bigg Boss 11: 'Julie 2' actress Raai Laxmi strongly CONDEMNS Priyank's comments on Shilpa & Arshi!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Nov 26, 2017 14:00 IST

'Bigg Boss 11' hunk Priyank Sharma is at the receiving end ever since he entered the show. [PIC CREDIT: COLORS]


During this week's luxury budget task named 'BB Adalat', Priyank got into an ugly fight with Arshi Khan. (Photo: Colors)


After the task, Priyank disrespected & fat-shamed Shilpa & Arshi and called them 'saand'. (Photo: Colors)


After which show's host Salman Khan blasted Priyank for his nasty comments on Shilpa & Arshi. Now, a Bollywood actress has also condemned Priyank's body-shaming statements. (Photo: Colors)


Speaking about Priyank to SpotboyE, actress Raai Laxmi said that, "Does Priyank have sisters and a mother? If he has a good background, I don't see this coming from him. And if he has a mother and sister, shame on him. He should tell the same to the ladies in his family, and see how they react. Only then he would know the pain experienced by the other side. What Priyank has done is not sexual harassment, but it's a big insult; it is demeaning girls and letting them down, he is hitting on their dignity and self-respect. He obviously considers women as toys. Who gave him this right? He should go and tell the same thing to his mother and sister and see how they feel." (Photo: Instagram)


Angry over Priyank's comments, Raai Laxmi recently made her Bollywood debut in a lead role in 'Julie 2'. (Photo: Instagram)


After getting criticized for his behavior in 'Bigg Boss 11', here's hoping that Priyank will learn from his mistakes and will now be respectful to women. (Photo: Colors)


Stay tuned for more updates! (Photo: Colors)