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Bigg Boss 11: 'Jallad' Chintan Gangar warns Luv Tyagi against Hina Khan....Says in his ear.....! READ!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 26, 2017 19:21 IST

The famous 'Airportee Jallad' of Bigg Boss aka Chintan Gangar, who has been connected with the show since Season 7 and came on the current season after skipping BB 10 also keeps track of the show every year now. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


While season 11 is on the verge of it's finale and the last 7 contestants left as the contenders for this year's trophie, everyone is supporting their favorites. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


'Jallad' is the huge fan of Salman Khan and this show too and credits all his fame to the Superstar. He has his favorites too and loves to clicks pictures with them. (Pic: Instagram)


While the fans express their views on the contestants and the show through social media activity, 'Jallad' just did that secretly but it is revealed now. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


Throughout this season we saw Salman Khan's favorite Chintan Gangar aka 'Jallad' present during all the tasks assisting housemates and we also see him ringing the gong every 'Weekend Ka Vaar' during 'Sultani Akhada' activity. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


It is now revealed that Chintan used this opportunity to give one housemate a very important feedback. And in the process he happened to tell us the one contestant he does not like in this season. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


In an unseen video from this Weekend Ka Vaar, Luv is heard telling Priyank Sharma that 'Jallad' whispered something shocking in his ears. Priyank was also shocked to hear this. Priyank's reaction after listening to what Luv had to say was "Kya baat kar raha hai!!!!" (Pic: Bigg Boss)


This apparently happened during the 'Sultani Akhada' task between Priyank and Luv this weekend. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


Luv and Priyank came inside the bedroom and after making Priyank promise he won't share this with anyone, Luv told him - "'pata hai 'Jallad' mere kaan mei kya keh raha tha!! ..ki Hina se bach ke reh!" (Pic: Bigg Boss)


Priyank then ofcourse defended Hina saying ""Uske saath reh! Uske sath bolenge.. Zaroorat hai! Akeli ho jayegi ghar mei! Mujshe lad rahi hai..mai lad raha hun! Equations achhi nahi hain! Achhi hai yaar wo buri nahi hai! Tu bhi chala jayega wo ekdum akeli ho jayegi ladki" (Pic: Bigg Boss)


Hina and Priyank got into a fight last week when the latter commented on Vikas Gupta's clothing. Luv was also put off by Hina the gone week when during Captaincy task she tried to play smart with them. Luv had also called her brainless behind her back. (Pic: Bigg Boss)


However, we see Luv, Priyank and Hina still holding on to each other. But we know that 'Jallad' is not rooting for one of the most popular contestants of this season. What do you think about Chintan aka 'Jallad's view? (Pic: Instagram)