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Bigg Boss 11: It's Hiten Tejwani who got evicted from the house & not Luv Tyagi as many predicted!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 16, 2017 04:15 IST

In a very rare nominations process this week, Capatin Arshi Khan had the power to nominate four housemates straight who could be from either of the two teams that Bigg Boss had made.


And after much contemplation, in order to save her two favorites Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani who were on the other team, Arshi finally sent these four into nominations.


This whole week, various polls were conducted by websites and speculations were made over who would be shown the door this weekend. Everyone made an obvious guess out of Priyank, Hiten, Luv and Shilpa.


While most predicted Luv Tyagi's ouster, shockingly, the polls indicated it would be either Hiten or Priyank


Luv Tyagi has been earning lot of praise with his game in recent weeks and this could've been the cause for his increasing fan base lately.


Cool as cucumber Hiten on the other hand hasn't been much active on the show, leaving aside this avatar he donned during recent luxury budget task 'BB Lab'.


In the early reports that were coming from BB 11 Weekend Ka Vaar shoot last evening, to everyone's surprise Luv and Shilpa were declared safe.


Double eviction was being speculated this week but one out of Priyank and Hiten has finally bid goodbye to BB 11. New reports and online buzz confirms that it was Hiten Tejwani who got eliminated this week.


This would make wife Gauri Pradhan really sad, on whose suggestion hubby Hiten had just changed his look and bid goodbye to his beard. Gauri had been making vote appeals for him too.


Vikas Gupta would be heartbroken too since he too was very close to Hiten. (All Pics: Colors)


With Hiten's ouster, all that audience are going to miss is the sweet & sour relationship between him and Arshi


Are you going to miss Hiten in the house? What would you miss most about him?