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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan's best buddy caught stealing from her bag! Betrays trust?

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 23, 2017 21:35 IST

This happened when Hina Khan was busy washing utencils along with her arch rivals Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde standing in the kitchen.


And this is the picture just moments later after her best friend on the show, Priyank Sharma had come back after stealing something from her bag betraying her trust and made Luv Tyagi promise that he won't tell this to her.


And here's the whole story. While Hina was busy in the kitchen a while ago, Priyank had a nasty plan in his mind and took Luv to the luggage area.


The two hunks walk into the storage area with their milk glasses in hand. Thrilled Priyank heads for Hina's bag and getting the hint of what he was upto, Luv goes back to fetch a spoon from the kitchen.


Priyank then digs into the bags murmuring to himself "kahan rakha hai yaar Hina ne wo, mujhe bataya tha usne!". He then takes out the bottle of chocolate syrup that was gifted to her by a celebrity guest on the show recently.


On the gone 'Weekend Ka Vaar' Sunny Leone had come with a task 'Thoda Khao Thoda Lagao' during which, when Vikas Gupta was asked who needs to be sweeter in the house, he had fed with and poured chocolate syrup on Hina.


Sunny had then given the chocolate bottle to Hina Khan.


Priyank was stealing the same bottle from Hina and when Luv warned him that it might show in his coffee glass, he told him "arre wo mai abhi chaat loonga na, tu Hina ko mata bataiyo". Priyank pours some more in the last and Luv says "tu poori feel le raha hai bae!"


Priyank also tells Luv that Hina had shown him the exact place while putting her bottle in her bag. He then also gives some to Luv to mix in his own coffee. Sipping their glasses the two friends then happily walk out of the luggage room.


Hina and Priyank have been friends through thick and thin in the last weeks inside BB 11 house and the two were also seen supporting each other strongly in the recent Courtroom Task. That is betrayal of trust Priyank!


After finishing their choco coffee Priyank and Luv then went and stood beside Hina giving naughty smiles to cameras.


They also then went and relaxed saying "Bigg Boss ke ghar mei maze hi hain yaar". Priyank tells Luv, "chocolate ne to coffee ka feel yahaan se yahaan pohucha diya". (All Pics: Colors/Voot)


Hina must've told Priyank about the chocolate syrup bottle trusting him as a friend and we wonder if she will let go when she learns of the stealing! Or will she find the bottle empty one day? Isn't that betrayal of trust Priyank Sharma!