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Bigg Boss 11: Ex winner calls Hina Khan 'Ghajini' & Bandgi 'Female Emraan Hashmi'! Read MORE!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 17, 2017 21:28 IST

The reality show is currently in it's 11th year and every new season also attracts the former contestants as much as the TV audience. One of these is 'Bigg Boss 3' winner Vindu Dara Singh who's a star among BB fans for regularly posting his reactions and views during each new season of the show.


Actor Vindu has been ardently watching Bigg Boss 11 too and he is sharing his frank views on each and every contestant, some of which also tickle the funny bone of the BB fans.


The best has been when he referred to Bandgi Kalra while talking about the latest captaincy task, with a very interesting nickname he gave her.


Which sounded quite a controversial statement, he wrote on twitter "KHABRIS who is the new captain of the house? It is FEMALE EMRAN HASHMI? #BB11" Oh! And btw the news is out and she indeed has won the captaincy task and is the NEW CAPTAIN of the house.


Bandgi and Puneesh have been locking lips and getting cozy under the sheets for long and he quite aptly calls her so! And the fans our going rofl reading it. How did you find this one? LIKE it and tell!


Hina Khan, the otherwise popular actress is inviting a lot of lashing from fans for her lies inside the house. The latest being her denial over applying concealer/foundation on Luv's forehead to hide 'Zero' written in henna during a task.


Clearly seen applying make-up on his forehead, a while later when BB accuses her of breaking the rule she shouted back saying "par bigg boss make up nahi lagaya, kahaan lagaya make up". BB even called her "beimaan" in response nominated her again since Luv failed to his his forehead tattoo that he was asked to always keep visible.


Look what Vindu just called her! yes! That's 'Ghajini', film in which Aamir plays the character who suffers from short term memory loss and keeps forgetting everything he does withing seconds. We bet you love this one..Go ahead and LIKE if you do!


Vindu was also overjoyed with the nickname Vikas Gupta gave the rapper of the house, Akash inside the house.


'Takla Shaitaan'!!! Akash has been entertaining the audiences thoroughly since day 1 by sometimes playing childish and the other times mean and menacing. How many LIKES to this one?


The very brainy BB 3 winner's twitter timeline is a must to visit and in one glimpse you get all the politics and drama and the mind games being played inside the house on that day.


Vindu also praised Vikas for using his strategy yet again and giving viewers a good task for a change referring to the recent luxury budget task 'BB Dino Park'.


We read in an earlier tweet by Vikas when he mentioned - "THANKS to VIKAS last two days of BB & the TASK have been "MIND-blowing" ????????" (All Pics: Colors)


Vindu calls him "mastermind" which we have also heard by other housemates inside the house referring him as! Do you also believe so? LIKE it to tell us.


Often seen praising Shilpa Shinde, Vindu believes that Shilpa will reach Top 3. He is also certain that Hina too will be among the 3 finalists of BB 11.


Here's what Vindu wrote in his tweet. Who's your Top 3 from the show?