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Bigg Boss 11: Ex contestants BASH Shilpa Shinde for voting against Hiten Tejwani!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Dec 18, 2017 15:04 IST

Yesterday's (17th December) 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode witnessed an unexpected twist in the history of 'Bigg Boss' where the safe housemates, for the first time, had to vote out one contestant among the two least voted contestants Hiten Tejwani & Priyank Sharma. (Photo: Colors)


Majority of the contestants voted against Hiten Tejwani which was a shock for many & the TV actor got evicted from the show. (Photo: Colors)


Hiten fans are blaming Shilpa Shinde for his eviction as she changed her vote at the last moment & saved Priyank Sharma. Now, few ex 'Bigg Boss' contestants have slammed Shilpa Shinde for the same. (Photo: Colors)


TV actor & 'Bigg Boss 9' contestant Suyyash Rai is disappointed with Shilpa Shinde's decision & has expressed his displeasure on social media account. (Photo: Colors)


Suyyash tweeted, "Shilpa Ji #Dissappointed #BB11 ???????????? Hiten Baau @tentej aajaao ???????????? love u." (Photo: Twitter)


Suyyash even called HIten's eviction unfair & tweeted, "But this kind of eviction is the worst... all this while you complete your journey on your own and than one fine day housemates decide who will go out WOW ???????? its sooo f*cking unfair !!!"(Photo: Twitter)


Bigg Boss 6' contestant & TV actress Sayantani Ghosh also questioned Shilpa's decision & is confused why she changed her decision. (Photo: Colors)


Expressing her views on the same, Sayantani tweeted, "#BB11 feelin bad 4 @tentej.. he deserved 2 b der,my vote for him ! U played well n gracefully ..n just got confused bf they went 4 d break from wht I saw #Shilpa was supporting @tentej but post d break her stance changed..wonder what it was ???" (Photo: Twitter)


Sayatani, who has been a Shilpa supported, has revealed that her support for the 'Bhabiji..' actress has lessened. Here's Sayantani's tweet, "Post today’s Ep #BB11 my support 4 #shilpa has lessened! I get it dat she voted against #hiten not only co he’s competition but also coz she wants 2 brk #vikas n his support,but it wud b appreciated had dis being d descion frm d beginning! D fact dat she flipped was not likable.." (Photo: Twitter)


Sayantani also tweeted, "Y does playin game means 1 has 2 b manipulative n cunning?game cn b playd wth grace n dignity!Hd tweeted against #priyank wen he bodyshamed #Shilpa in @BB11.feel sorry 4 #shilpa, she chose her bodyshamer n in d process lettin go of her self respect ,over #Hiten whose a gentleman" (Photo: Twitter)


What do you think about Shilpa Shinde's decision of saving Priyank instead of Hiten? Do tell us in the comments section below! (Photo: Colors)