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Bigg Boss 11: Ex contestant Sayantani Ghosh BASHES Vikas Gupta for calling Akash Dadlani UGLY!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Dec 14, 2017 14:02 IST

'Bigg Boss 11' contestant Vikas Gupta is considered as one of the most strongest & the most intelligent contestant on the show. (Photo: Colors)


During this week's luxury budget task 'BB Lab', the housemates were divided into two teams. In the task, one team had to act as robots whereas the other team has to force them to show emotions like happiness, sadness & anger on their face. During the task, few housemates also went personal which resulted into fights & arguments after the task came to an end. (Photo: Colors)


Vikas & Akash were in different teams in the task. To make Akash angry, Vikas made some nasty comments about the rapper & even called him 'ugly'. (Photo: Colors)


Talking about Akash, Vikas said, "budhaapa dekha hai tumne kabhi?" He then pointed towards Akash and said, "Ye hai budhaapa!"(Photo: Colors)


The rapper didn't reacted at all on Vikas' comments during the task. But, Vikas' comments didn't went down too well with an ex 'Bigg Boss' contestant who expressed her displeasure about the same on social media. (Photo: Colors)


Bigg Boss 6' contestant & TV actress Sayantani Ghosh, who has been a Vikas Gupta supporter, has criticized the TV producer for physical shaming. (Photo: Colors)


Sayantani slammed Vikas and tweeted, "Ok so all d ppl who think i support #vikas 4 work,here it goes .watchin #BB11 now .in d robot task,everyone said things mostly dat has happnd or being said in d show,but tellin #Akash ugly physically ws not a fair thing!personally Dnt like physical shaming by any1 even in task!"(Photo: Twitter)


She further tweeted that, "Hope now ppl can see dat even if I support #vikas or #Shilpa in @BB11 I also voice it when I feel something off bout dem ..and that’s a true friend or supporter to me ,one who supports n stand by ppl they like but also have d courage to tell them their opinion"(Photo: Twitter)


On the career front, Sayantani is currently seen playing the role of lead character Avni's step-mother Neela in popular Star Plus show 'Naamkaran'. (Photo: Web)


Sayantani has indeed done a commendable job by taking a stand against physical shaming. (Photo: Colors)


Now it'll be interesting to see how show's host Salman khan will react on the same! Stay tuned for more updates! (Photo: Colors)