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Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Jyoti Kumari meets Navin Prakash of BB 10 & fans want them to marry!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 18, 2017 18:03 IST

The girl from Bihar who's the daughter of a peon, Jyoti Kumari is remembered for her simplicity and also her huge fights inside BB 11 house during her one month stay. (Pic: Colors)


Jyoti was the closest to Vikas Gupta and the latter had also cried buckets after her eviction. (Pic: Colors)


While Jyoti was at logger heads with another evicted contestant Sapna Choudhary, she did mostly keep aloof inside BB house and may be that is the reason she hasn't yet caught up with any of the evicted 10 contestants. (Pic: Colors)


Leaving behind all her co-contestants from this season, Jyoti instead chose to hang out with the guy from her state, Navin Prakash.


Known as 'Masterji' of 'Bigg Boss 11', Navin Prakash was last in news when he claimed that he had served as a teacher at Rapist Baba Ram Rahim's Ashram for 3 years and Filmy Monkey was the first to report this. (Pic: Colors)


Coming from the same state of Bihar as Jyoti's, Naveen had been supporting her since the beginning of Bigg Boss 11.


He had wished her good luck when she entered BB house.


And now as the two meet up despite being from two different seasons of the reality show, fans sense something's cooking and they love their 'jodi'. Naveen's caption in hindi to these pictures read - "aapki saadgi sabko prabhavit karti hai. Aapko tarakki ke liye dher saari shubhkamnayein. Wo khud par guroor karte hain, to isme hairat ki koi baat nahi! Jinhe zamana chahta hai, wo aam ho hi nahi sakte!"


As we see it, it's one commoner contestant from BB 10 supporting and encouragin another commoner contestant from BB 11 but their chemistry is making fans think otherwise.


And here's what the fans of Bigg Boss have been suggesting Naveen and Jyoti. And you can see in the third box of comments above that Navin isn't even irked with these comments and he thanked the fans for their wishes.


Other than her fights in the house, Jyoti also made headlines with her smoking pictures inside BB 11 which did not make it to telecast episode but went viral on social media platforms. Jyoti was spotted with a cigarette in the smoking room of BB 11 along with Shilpa and Arshi.


The 20 yr old Zoology graduate aspires to be a TV actor and she was quoted saying post her eviction - "Bigg Boss is a very popular show and having been part of it, I know more about it now. The experience inside the house has been an interesting one. Now, when I am out, I would love to do TV shows. I enjoyed watching Geet, Madhubala and Kaali. Shows that highlight women empowerment, interests me. I have grown up watching TV and have always dreamt of being a part of it. Bigg Boss had been in a way a stepping stone towards that" (Pic: Colors)


Blessed with beautiful looks, Jyoti also had a huge admirer in her co-contestant, Akash Dadlani who was once heard praising her beauty in an unseen video as he found her the most stunning looking. (Pic: Colors)


Back to Navin and Jyoti...! We don't know if the two met up for a project together or is there romance brewing between the two but we wish all the best to both in future ahead.