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Bigg Boss 11, Day 9: Vikas Gupta cries in washroom as Shilpa, Arshi turn 'queens' for 'king' Hiten; Puneesh kisses Bandgi in night!

Published by - Aashu Mishra | Updated: Oct 11, 2017 09:43 IST

After the padosis entered Bigg Boss 11's main house on Monday, the ninth day at the Bigg Boss house saw a lot of drama in the house as good Friends Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta get into a verbal spat which ultimately results in the later breaking down. Vikas Gupta locks himself in a bathroom and cries.


Shilpa teases Vikas for crying as Jyoti tries to convince him to come out of the bathroom. A broken Vikas heads out and lifts the blinds and walks out of the house. He is then called in the confession room where he says that he doesn't know how to react to what people say to him. He apologizes to Bigg Boss for breaking the rules of the house and enters the main house again.

Bigg Boss 11: UNSEEN Video of Priyank Sharma calling Arshi Khan “nangi” goes VIRAL!

Bigg Boss then announces the luxury budget task named Royal, were in Hiten Tejwani is made the King of the house and Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are made his queens. The rest of the housemates are divided into two teams who were suppose to build two walls as Shilpa and Arshi battle with each other to win Hiten's heart. The task will decide the fate of next nomination in the house.


Meanwhile the housemates also get suspicious about the Padosis being related after Sshivani questions Mehjabeen.

The luxury budget task begins and the teams try to disrupt each other's brick walls. During the task 'king' Hiten asks Sapna to press Arshi Rani's feet. She hesitates at first by calling Arshi names and then says that she has to do something she has never done before.


After she is done giving foot massage to Arshi, Sapna breaks down as she feels insulted. The housemates tell her to take it as a task.

Bigg Boss announces that the task duration for the day is over and Sapna goes to confront Arshi. Hiten consoles her and makes her understand that it was all dont for a task.

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan praise each other for being in character

Puneesh & Bandgi are the new lovebirds of Bigg Boss 11? [PIC CREDIT: COLORS] Puneesh & Bandgi are the new lovebirds of Bigg Boss 11? [PIC CREDIT: COLORS]During night Puneesh Sharma flirts with Bandagi while holding her hand. Puneesh even kisses her hands while their late night talks as we sense romance brewing between the two!

The episode ends with Puneesh telling Bandagi that he is not scared of anyone and kisses her cheek while they head to the bedroom.