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Bigg Boss 11 DAY 3: Housemates win the FIRST task as Shilpa-Vikas continue their UGLY FIGHT while Sapna BLASTS Jyoti!

Published by - Aashu Mishra | Updated: Oct 05, 2017 09:27 IST

The third episode of Bigg Boss 11 started with a fight and ended on a fight! Yeah, the famous house is slowly turning into what it is best known for i.e fights, arguments, accusations and a whole lot of drama!

All the housemates of Bigg Boss 11(PIC CREDIT: COLORS) All the housemates of Bigg Boss 11(PIC CREDIT: COLORS)

The show started with contestants waking up and dance to the tunes of Koi ladki hai. The day then starts with a lot of arguments. The first one when NRI Akash boasted that he is a great rapper, Vikas Gupta tells him to prove himself rather than talk big. Vikas and Shilpa continue to have their arguments and the latter starts singing to avoid and irritate Vikas.

Zubair picks a fight with Bandgi(PIC CREDIT: COLORS) Zubair picks a fight with Bandgi(PIC CREDIT: COLORS)

The contestants then gather in the sitting area as Bigg Boss announces the first luxury task called the BB farm.

Bigg Boss 11: Jyoti Kumari SMOKES with Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde; Housemates have mixed reactions!

Meanwhile Zubair makes a general statement which offends Bandagi and they end up fighting and making allegations at each other as the drama queen of this season Arshi Khan interferes and makes remarks on Zubair.

Zubair then shifts his focus from Bandgi to Arshi and looses his calm in-fact he even threatens the girl boasting on his upbringing by saying: 'main whan se aata hoon jahan bhai banne ka licence milta hai'.

Padosis of Bigg Boss 11 (PIC CREDIT: COLORS) Padosis of Bigg Boss 11 (PIC CREDIT: COLORS)

Bigg Boss then calls Shivani Durga & Zubair in the activity area for their first task, where they have to transfer a few Catfish from one to another fish tank and after struggling for a while, Zubair succeeds in transferring the fish faster than the allotted time and hence the housemates win the first task.


After few more heated arguments between Zubair and Arshi in the washroom area and the former again losing his calm and starts shouting in his regular style.

Bigg Boss 11: Did you know Shilpa Shinde was about to MARRY Romit Raj but the WEDDING was CANCELLED at the last moment?

After some time, Hina reads out the second task and literally falls on the ground laughing while talking about the task which involved a real donkey. The padosis discuss and give the housemates a little less of 5 minutes to complete the task.


Akash, Benafsha and Bandagi then go to the activity area to find a donkey that they have to bathe and feed in the allotted time. They manage to bathe the donkey but fail to feed it all the carrots.

At the night, it was Sapna Vs Jyoti! It all started when  Sapna and Arshi were chatting and walking in the lawn when Jyoti comes and irks them for no reason.

Sapna who somewhat had a problem with Jyoti since the beginning ends up fighting with her. She literally blasted her by calling her a mad girl, Jyoti too tried to revert back with but Sapna was in no mood to spare the girl and poor Jyoti ended up sitting alone as Arshi and Sapna went inside and explained the whole episode to the gharwale.

And when Vikas tried to pacify Sapna by saying that Jyoti is the youngest in the house and is childish Sapna ended the conversation by saying that Jyoti is very smart and acts childish she can even do an item-dacne in a bikini, 'ye bikini mei item dance bhi kar legi', said Sapna.

And while rest of the housemates took Sapna's side and isolated Jyoti, it was Shilpa who went to the girl and gave her an earful, she scolded and talks sense into Jyoti.

However the real drama started at the night when, Arshi tells Vikas that Shilpa told her that she & Vikas use to be real good friends before, this irked Vikas who said he has met Shilpa just once in his whole life and went on to confront Shilpa who avoids him by singing.

Vikas calls Shilpa mentally challenged and that she needs a doctor to fix herself. This time even the housemates choose to be on Vikas’s side as they all realise that Shilpa was initiating all the fights with Vikas. As a result, they all decide to boycott her for some time.

The show ends with a precap that has Vikas losing his calm over Shilpa and hitting utensils so that Shilpa couldn't sleep, while sadhvi Shhivani Durga trying something that looked like tantr-mantra on a sleeping Shilpa.

Woah looks like an interesting episode awaits fans tonight!

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