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Bigg Boss 11, Day 25: Dhinchak Pooja, Arshi & Akash land in JAIL; Puneesh & Bandgi get COZY in night over pillow talk session!

Published by - Aashu Mishra | Updated: Oct 27, 2017 11:26 IST

Dhinchak Pooja was the highlight of Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 that started with the romantic song 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani'.

Soon after housemates gathered in the living area, where Bigg Boss asked them to take one name who will go to the jail. Housemates were asked to vote for the worst performer during the Khulja Sim Sim task who will go to the kaal kothri aka underground jail.

And while five contestants voted for Benafsha Dhinchak Pooja got the maximum 8 votes and was henced asked by the Bigg Boss to go to the jail.

Dhinchak Pooja in Jail Dhinchak Pooja in Jail

Bigg Boss then asked captain Hina to give two more names who didn’t perform well in the house, she took Akash and Arshi's name and the duo joined Pooja in the jail.

Soon it was revealed that the housemate lost the luxury budget points for violating rules however, Bigg Boss gave Dhinchak Pooja a chance to win their luxury budget back by composing a good song with the help of Akash and Arshi that should go viral like her previous songs!

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Bigg Boss then introduced an interesting task called 'Sapna Ki Adalat' in which Hina has to fight for her position as a captain with the housemates. Sapna was the judge and her decision was suppose to be the final one in deciding whether Hina will be a captain contender again or not!

Bigg Boss 11 housemates in living area Bigg Boss 11 housemates in living area

For the task, Hina was suppose to stand in balustrade with housemates shooting their questions and her defending the made allegations

Sapna suggests that everyone should get fair chance for the captaincy and so she declares that Hina can't be the next captaincy contender.

Hina defends her captaincy in 'Sapna Ki Adalat' Hina defends her captaincy in 'Sapna Ki Adalat'

The pisode ends with Puneesh and Bandgi’s romance. The duo were caught by the night vision camera, sharing a sweet moment. The beginning of their moment, however, wasn’t that innocent.

In-fact, Puneesh even asked Bandgi to join him in his bed if she feels scared at night. Bandagi and Puneesh have a pillow talk session where he strokes her hair saying "aajao yaar please, you didn’t give me my goodnight kiss,”. Bandgi wasn’t in mood for any such thing but asked him to caress her hair. He curled up beside her bed and did what the lady asked. “Haan aise karo mereko bahut maza aata hai,” she told him.

Puneesh & Bandgi get romantic in night Puneesh & Bandgi get romantic in night

Looks like cupid has struck the two with love arrow, stay tuned for more updates!