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Bigg Boss 11, Day 23: From Dhinchak Pooja’s hair lice to the BIG FIGHT between Hina & Aakash, fourth week in the house started with lots of drama & TWIST in nomination!

Published by - Team Fm | Updated: Oct 24, 2017 11:32 IST

It's week four in the Bigg Boss house and the 23rd day starts with everyone discussing about lice in wild card contestant Dhinchak Pooja’s hair. The entire house go crazy over the lice effect and after all contestants discuss they cannot stay in the same house as the cringepop sensation unless the issue is resolved!

It is then decided that Hiten will ask for medicines for Pooja. Hiten then asks Bigg Boss for lice’s medicine as Hina makes fun of Dhinchak Pooja by modifying her famous selfie song with lice.

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Meanwhile, Akash who has been upset post the weekend ka vaar episode, denies to do any work or follow captain Hina’s instructions. Hina and Akash have yet another face-off after he refuses to listen to her. As the captain, Hina then tells Akash that he can make his own food if he will not do tasks given to him.

Shilpa politely tells Dhinchak Pooja about her lice issue and she accepts it. The day then ends and housemates wake up to peppy number 'tumhi ho bandhu' from 'Cocktail'.

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Next day, Pooja and Aakash did a jugalbandi, where the former sings as Akash raps with her on the song “Selfie maine le li aaj".

The biggest twist then comes when Bigg Boss himself nominates 6 contestants to punish then for breaking the rules of the house (discussing about nominations). Bigg Boss then announces Bandgi, Shilpa, Arshi, Vikas, Mehjabi and Puneesh's name as the nominated contestants.

The biggest twist then comes when Bigg Boss himself nominates 6 contestants The biggest twist then comes when Bigg Boss himself nominates 6 contestants

However a task is introduced to make the nominated contestants safe from evictions by nominating other housemate in his/her place.

Then begins the nomination task titled Rishton Ka Imtehaan, the task for nomination had pairs of housemates standing on each side of a 'Friendship Wall' with the nominee holding the partner's hand. If the nominated contestants lets go off the partner's hand within 30 minutes, then he/she will be saved and the partner will be nominated. The safe contestants were to convince the nominees to not leave their hands and let them be safe.

And guess what only Shilpa and Vikas pass the friendship task by nominating themselves and not leaving their partners, Hiten & Sabyacachi's hand respectively.

Meanwhile, Arshi leaves Benafsha’s hand which means Benafsha gets nominated also Puneesh leaves Sapna’s hand and Sapna too gets nominated. Similarly Bandigi does the same with Luv which means Luv gets nominated and Jyoti too gets nominated as Mehjabi leaves her hand.

Bigg Boss then gives Hina a special power where she can save Akash but as a revenge she nominates Akash. So the nominated contestants this week are: Shilpa, Benafsha, Luv, Sapna, Jyoti, Vikas and Akash .

Soon after the nomination task, Akash starts fighting with Hina and calls her a “drama queen”. Hina tells Puneesh to stop provoking Akash to which Puneesh says he is just pacifying Akash and he too picks a fight with the captain!

The day ended with yet another ugly spat between Hina Khan, Puneesh and Aakash, backed by Arshi.