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Bigg Boss 11, Day 16: Akash creates a ruckus in the house; Vikas Gupta loses CAPTAINCY and goes to jail!

Published by - Aashu Mishra | Updated: Oct 18, 2017 12:33 IST

The 16th day in Bigg Boss 11 house saw a lot of drama and some intense fights. The episode started with Akash Dadlani getting into a verbal spat with captain Vikas Gupta. He calls him a Kaamchor as Puneesh joins in as the duo is miffed with Vikas over their nomination. For the first time we saw, Benafsha losing her cool as she blasted Akash over his crazy behaviour, there was even a sweet hug between old foes Vikas & Shilpa, looks like things are changing between them!

Akash Dadlani (Photo: Bigg Boss) Akash Dadlani (Photo: Bigg Boss/ Colors)

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Bigg Boss then introduced the new luxury Budget task for this week and divided the housemates in two teams lead by Vikas & Puneesh. While Team Vikas had- Hina, Benafsha, Sapna, Hiten, Sabyasachi and Mehjabi. Team Puneesh had- Shilpa, Arshi, Luv,Akash, Jyoti, Bandagi.

Akash Puneesha Benafhsa fight (Photo: Bigg Boss/ Colors) Akash Puneesha Benafhsa fight (Photo: Bigg Boss/ Colors)

The task required Vikas and his team to stand strong against a pillar, the one who turn their face will be out of the game. Meanwhile the other team's target is to make leave the pillar by throwing stuffs like milk, cow dung, cold water etc. on their faces. The challenge is to tolerate the tortures.

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While Akash and Puneesh continued to attack Vikas during the task, the captain lost his cool when something went inside his eyes, and he hits Puneesh. Meanwhile, Hina Khan gave a strong fight and kept teasing Puneesh and Akash all through the game.

Vikas Gupta (Photo: Bigg Boss/ Colors) Vikas Gupta (Photo: Bigg Boss/ Colors)

Hina was the last one to lose the pole while, her other teammates left one by one.

The day ended with the biggest twist till date when Bigg Boss dethroned Vikas from his captaincy permanently as a punishment for hitting Puneesh. He was also sent  to jail. Bigg Boss then announced the Puneesh will be the acting captain till the new captain is appointed.