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Bigg Boss 11: Check out housemates send which contestant in 'kaal kothri' this week!

Published by - Aakash Kumar | Updated: Dec 29, 2017 13:40 IST

This week's task 'Ghar Aaye Gharwaale' in popular reality show 'Bigg Boss 11' saw the family members & special friends of the seven remaining contestants entering the house as new padosis'. (Photo: Colors)


The contestants had to impress the new 'padosis' by doing various tasks & the winner will become the captain. (Photo: Colors)


The first round was of cooking & as expected Shilpa Shinde won the competition beating the others. (Photo: Colors)


The second competition was the comedy round in which the housemates had to present a funny skit related to the co-contestants. Hina Khan was declared as the winner of the competition by the family members. (Photo: Colors)


In the third competition, the housemates had to ignore a particular contestant who will try to make them react. Luv Tyagi did very well in the task and won the round. (Photo: Colors)


In the final round, the contestants had to send an emotional gift for their family member or special friend & the best one will won the round.(Photo: Colors)


The family members couldn't decide on the winner's name with 'aapsi sehmati' as every gift was special for them. 'Bigg Boss' understood the same & let every contestant meet their family member. (Photo: Colors)


After the task, it was time for 'kaal kohtri ki sazaa' for which the housemates vote for the worst performers of the task. With 7 contestants left in the house, only one contestant is sent to the 'kaal kothri' this time. (Photo: Colors)


In tonight's episode, Vikas Gupta will be given a secret task & he has to win it to earn the New Year bash. 'Bigg Boss' first ordered Vikas that he had to stop others from sending Akash Dadlani or himself in 'kaal kothri'. (Photo: Colors)


But Vikas failed in the task, as even after various arguments Akash was sent to the jail. Akash was shown in the 'kaal kothri' as shown at the end of yesterday's (29th December) episode (in tomorrow's clip). (Photo: Colors)


What do you think about the the housemates' decision of sending Akash Dadlani in the 'kaal kothri this week? Do tell us in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more updates! (Photo: Colors)