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Bigg Boss 11: BREAKING! Vikas Gupta throws Shilpa Shinde's clothes in the swimming pool after their UGLY FIGHT!

Published by - Aashu Mishra | Updated: Oct 05, 2017 11:23 IST

Get ready for some real drama and masala in the upcoming episodes of reality show ' Bigg Boss 11' hosted by Salman Khan! In the last episode we saw Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta again lock horns over their old issue regarding the ouster of the TV actress from 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain' last year.


Ever since Bigg Boss 11 has started, both the TV celebs- Shilpa Shinde and producer Vikas Gupta have been at loggerheads with each accusing each other, in-fact the duo even picked a fight before the host Salman Khan on the premiere episode itself on Sunday.

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And, now the latest news is that their fight just got nastier in the house since the last episode where Vikas lost his cool over 'bhabhiji' on hearing that she has been lying to others that they once shared a great rapport!

Shilpa Shinde with housemates [PIC CREDIT: COLORS] Shilpa Shinde with housemates [PIC CREDIT: COLORS]And while looked unfazed and gave a kind of 'I care a damn' attitude Vikas looked really angered and upset and now according to a source from the sets, “Shilpa was struggling to find her things when she was told that her things are lying outside.

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It turned out that Vikas, out of frustration, last night, threw her things in the swimming pool!”Many fan clubs of the show even posted a pic probably from the live feed where Vikas can be seen carrying Shilpa's stuff to the pool!