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Bigg Boss 11: Birthday girl Arshi Khan kisses Priyank Sharma as he gifts her a ring on his knees!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 02, 2017 05:39 IST

Recently, during a grand celebration inside the house, Priyank Sharma looked the most excited and we are talking about none other than Arshi Khan's Birthday celebration here.


We told you a while back that Arshi Khan's birthday was celebrated inside the BB11 house this week and the housemates had a blast in the late night when special cake was sent for her. She fed the cake first to Akash Dadlani, then Shilpa Shinde and then to Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani simultaneously.


Shilpa feeding cake to Vikas-Hiten.


You saw in our previous photo gallery how the housemates indulge in a cake smearing fight and they danced-sang along with Akash until late hours.


We also told you that Luv Tyagi, Hina Khan & Priyank Sharma gave her gifts. Here are the pictures... Luv gifting a Victoria's Secret product to Arshi.


Hina gave her a stole that Arshi got to choose from a pile of them. She chose a multi-colored one and was happy to have it.


It was then Priyank's turn who too had borrowed something from Hina to gift Arshi like Luv had done.


Priyank had taken a ring from Hina and he took Arshi at the platform in the garden area and began with apologizing to her.


Both of them have been at loggerheads since the beginning of the show and Priyank has faced lashings from Salman too for slut shaming and fat shaming Arshi-Shilpa along with Hina Khan.


Priyank then decides to put this ring in Arshi's finger too. He bends and Vikas yells "knees pe mat jaana". But Priyank still goes on his knees.


But no! it's not what you think. He told her to give him her thumb or any finger other than the ring finger. He then slides ring into her finger while everyone cheers.


Arshi then quickly plants a kiss on his cheek.


A little while later when everyone was dancing and singing, Priyank flaunted the kiss mark on cameras standing with Arshi.


Seeing him very excited and happy about it, Arshi says "mai ek aur kiss de sakti hun" and kisses him again!


Priyank has been trying hard to damage control but when it came to the captaincy task, Arshi chose Vikas over him in the episode last night. (All Pics: Colors)


The show is in it's 8th week and 10 contestants are fighting for the trophy. The drastically changing equations are going to shock us more in the coming weeks. For now, what do you have to say about Priyank's gesture on Arshi's B'day?