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Bigg Boss 11: Benafsha Soonwalla calls Hina Khan "liar", "frustated" & says she DISLIKES her the most!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 05, 2017 21:30 IST

MTV VJ and the stunning Benafsha Soonawalla wo was very close to Hina Khan once upon a time, has been lashing out at her ever since her eviction.


In her first social media post after leaving the house, she had aplogized to Shilpa Shinde who she opposed strongly in the last weeks. She wrote - "Thanks for looking out for me and sorry for not understanding you. Bilkul sahi pakde hain :)"


Remember her ugly fight with Akash Dadlani whose hair she pulled and got nominated, ultimately resulting in her eviction the following week? Salman had held Hina responsible for instigating Ben against Akash.


Always sticking by Hina's side in all ups and downs inside the house, Benafsha now calls her "a liar" and also uses the word like "frustration" hinting towards Hina Khan in one of her tweets.


When a fan asked Ben "why Hina plays 'Ghajini' every 'Weekend Ka Vaar'?". She said in returns - "She(Hina) doesn't forget. She lies. LIES about anything and EVERYTHING"


When a Hina fan told Ben to not join 'Hate Army' and urged her to not put a woman down, she wrote in the following tweet(previous pic!) - "Hear this guys. At this point of time, I love everyone in that house. Everyone. Except her." (Pic: Colors)


Remember how Luv Tyagi was being accused for stealing the trimmers before the second round of 'Lilliput Aur Daanav' task? Hina constantly said it wasn't her idea whereas the whole nation saw her whispering to Luv in the washroom moments ago, "saare trimmer chhupa do!". Before this too, she was caught red handed straight out lying. (Pic: Colors)


Ben was initially miffed with Hina when she saw the footage of Bigg Boss 11 in which Hina was seen gossiping and spreading the word around about her relationship with Priyank. Here's what Benafsha said to this.


Benafsha also called Hina a "frustrated lady" indirectly in her tweet. She wrote in this tweet - "If I'm gonna meet such frustrated fucking women even outside the Bigg Boss what's the benefit of being outside". (Pic: Colors)


Ben wrote it in reference to her earlier tweet in which she expressed anger over some woman who she had just met. See her tweets above!


There are only three women left in the house in the 9th week, Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. (Pic: Colors)


She did not say that about Arshi since she praised her already as we can see here.


Can't be Shilpa most certainly either since she has been missing Shilpa and apologizing for her rude behavior towards her. And we read her what she still says in praise of Shilpa.


And also check out this tweet that's targeted at Hina Khan showing her as 'Shaitaan' and Ben re-tweets it.


Ben is still rooting for her besties inside house, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma. Check out some more tweets of Benafsha where she praises these both and Shilpa.


Ben chooses Priyank between him and Shilpa.


Ben tweets in support of Priyank


Despite all romance drama inside BB 11 house, Priyank still misses his friend Benafsha. (Pic: Colors)


Ben has decided to oppose Hina till end.


We can see once a good friend of Hina, Ben's strong stand against her now.


One of the most popular contestants Hina Khan, has a mix of lovers and haters on the social media and while Spna Choudhary said that she will always stay in touch with her, Ben is campaigning against her. (Pic: Colors)