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Bigg Boss 11: Benafsha Soonawalla is thankful to Vikas Gupta for lashing out at Priyank Sharma during BB Lab task!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 14, 2017 21:27 IST

The luxury budget task this week 'BB Lab' required one team members to get the 'robots' from the rival team to react displaying emotions like anger, laughter and crying. To achieve this, we saw both the teams turning their worst and saying some very very nasty things to each other.


The highlight of this task was when Priyank from Team Hina faced the lashings from his otherwise buddy Vikas Gupta who was in the other team and who was seen getting personal with Priyank to get him to react and lose.


Vikas left no stone unturned in getting the emotion of anger on Priyank's face and during this he crossed all limits. He claimed later that all that he said was true.


The buddies from before, Benafsha Soonawalla, Vikas and Priyank saw many ups and downs on the show and Ben left the house because she self-nominated herself in order to save Priyank from nominations in the week before her eviction.


Vikas chose to bring this up too. He said to Priyank who was sitting with a straight face as he was playing a robot...."har show mei na ek love story banaani hoti hai, to inhone Ben ko banaaya..". "meri kewal friend hai, lekin phir ghus jayega bed ke oopar..ghoomta rahega.. pataa nahi chalta? Aur ye hai wo irresponsible person jiski wajah se Ben gayi!"


Vikas went on to say - "Jab tak ye nahi aaya tha, tab tak Ben bohot achha khel rahi thi. Luv hai game mei abhi tak, tumhe lagta hai Luv se achhi nahi thi Ben?"


And... "Ek din mei wo aurton ki satyanaas maar deta hai. Respect ki jo karni hai wo isse karwa lo. Kisi ko dirty picture banaata hai, kisi ko saand bolega ye ladka, kisi ke weight pe bolega.. kisi ko aadmi milte hain baahar, kisi ko nahi milte hain..aisi baatein bolega ye! Kya kaha tha Sir ne..? Kewal shakal ho, sihrat nahi hai tumhare andar!"


Benafsha and Priyank did get into a controversy after they played a romance-game inside BB 11 house. Ben however denied all that comparing Priyank to her big brother.


Benafsha supports both Priyank and Vikas from outside the house now but she was happy with Vikas taking her side.


The next day tables turned and it was Priyank hurling insults back at Vikas trying to get him angry during the task. Priyank also said to Vikas that it was him who asked Benafsha to fake an affair inside the house in Priyank's absence.


Priyank was agitated with Vikas for mentioning Ben and his girlfriend Divya Agarwal during the task on the previous day. He attacks Vikas with - "Benafsha aayi thi mere paas, bolti.. Pri.. Jab mai waapas aaya tha...Tu tha nahi na yahan pe, tab Vikas ne na mujhe ek cheez boli thi, ki Ben, kyonki Pri bhi nahi hai yahan pe, wo bhi nahi hai wahan pe, toh love angle shuru karte hain".


Priyank did however clarify with Hina Khan sitting in the washroom the next instance that he lied about Benafsha.


But Vikas unaware of this did support Ben and declared on cameras that that was a lie. He said behind Priyank's back - "Jhooth to mat bolo na task ke andar.. ki maine Ben ko bola ki affair karte hain..! Ye conversation to matlab kisi aur tangent pe gayi.. par theek hai!"


Benafsha saw all this and soon after she posted a thankful note filled with love for her buddy Vikas who was also seen supporting her inside the house.


In the message she wrote along with a picture of her and Vikas from BB 11, she mentions - "The way you've stood up for me even when I'm not in the game anymore. You've found a friend in me for life.". READ FULL NOTE ABOVE!


Ahem! So Ben does hold Pri responsible for her eviction from the show too? What do you guys think?