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Bigg Boss 11: Before Priyank did it, Hina had called Shilpa "Hathini" & Arshi "Bhaisi" in two different weeks!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 25, 2017 21:38 IST

Salman Khan confronts Hina this Weekend Ka Vaar over Priyank Sharma's filthy comments he made on Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde fat shaming them sitting right beside her.

Priyank had said "Shilpa Shinde? Arre bhai wo aurat bhaag bhi nahi sakti Shillpa Shinde aur Arshi Khan! Bhagaa ke dikhaa!!! Saand jaisi si to bodies hain unki, weight itna gain kar liya hai. 70-7- 80-80 kilo ke to aap ban gaye ho yahan pe kha khaake."

Salman lashed out at him asking how much does his own mother weigh[VIDEO! Salman Khan gives a heavy dose to Priyank Sharma mentioning his mother over body shaming Arshi-Shilpa!].

Salman even asked Hina why did she take it sitting quietly(Watch in the same video above).

Salman raised a very valid point saying if she could go and tell Sapna that Puneesh ill-talked about her calling her shows "massy", why didn't she talk to anyone this time?

Hina always defends herself, mostly lying about the incidents....remember how she said on cameras that she did not apply makeup on Luv's forehead to hide the henna tattooed 'ZERO' whereas the nation saw her applying concealer/foundation a few moments ago on camera!?[DETAILS with PICS: Ex-winner calls Hina Khan "Ghajini" & Bandgi "Female Emraan Hashmi"].

Hina has been lashed out at by the social media users throughout for her lies and before she can get to her defense before Salman, they have found two such instances when she herself has fat shamed Shilpa and Arshi.

The first video is from the initial weeks of the house when Shilpa and Hina had a major showdown. Hina along with Priyank is taking on Shilpa and Arshi saying "shakal hai nahi, akal hai nahi, bhainsi jaisi hai.. ".This was before Priyank was evicted.

In the same video she is heard saying to Priyank when Arshi passes by.. "baalti(bucket) lagao baalti lagao.. goo karo. Karo goo!".

It really sounded disgusting. Watch below: 

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In the other video Priyank and Hina are talking about Shilpa in the bedroom and she refers to the latter as "hathini" laughing her heart out.

Watch below: 

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When asked by Hina why she kept quiet while Priyank body shamed Shilpa-Arshi, she yelled telling Salman, "maine kya kisi ke theka le rakha hai!!!". She also said that she always tells them to not comment on their bodies.

You just watched the above videos too... Any comments guys?