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Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra's brother Vasu REACTS to reports claiming their father hospitalized!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 18, 2017 19:23 IST

The 'love birds' of Bigg Boss 11 who are believed to be faking their love for camera, yet again for the second time locked themselves in the bathroom late in the night. (Pic: Colors)


It was reported a day ago that Bandgi's father had to be admitted in the hospital after his BP shot up owing to her activities inside the house. (Pic: Instagram)


There were also reports that Bandgi has been thrown out of her Mumbai house by her landlord who said that the families in the society find Bandgi a bad influence on their children. (Pic: Colors)


However, the landlord Neerav Gandhi has denied all such rumors and cleared the air in an exclusive interview with ABP News saying that Bandgi's company guest house is shifting and he wasn't the one who asked her to leave.


Neerav also told ABP that the news of Bandgi's father getting hospitalised is also correct but now her brother has come out and denied the reports.


Bandgi's brother Vasu told News18 "We are very saddened by these kinds of cooked up stories, my father is very much fit and fine. He is not admitted or visited any hospital. Rather he is busy with his work commitments.” (Pic: Instagram)


He further added - "We belong to a very reputed family and these kinds of fake and cheap stories are trying to defame my family. But we are strong and will face any situation. Once I again I would like to inform that all the stories of my father being hospitalized of upset with Bandagi are completely fake and I request you all no to believe in such false news". Bandgi has two younger siblings, sister Bani and brother Vasu and the good looks run in the family. (Pic: Instagram)


Bandgi and Puneesh faced lashings four days ago when they first went inside the bathroom and made out and this happened despite Salman Khan's warning to them gone Weekend Ka Vaar that they have be careful that there are cameras everywhere! (Pic: Colors)


Bandgi's boyfriend Dennis Nagpal has already broken up with her seeing her PDA's with co-contestant Puneesh on the show. (Pic: Instagram)


The two undeterred are continuing to romance out in open while the fans figure it's only to escape the evictions. They have even coined the term 'gandgi' for the duo who are often seen making out and locking lips inside the house. (Pic: Colors)


Bandgi is now the next captain and she is safe from nominations this week. How long do the two pull off with their romance drama and what extents they go to, is something we await to see. Not to forget, host Salman's reaction to all this will also be very interesting! What is your view? (Pic: Colors)