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Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra thrown out of house & her father hospitalised!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Nov 16, 2017 04:49 IST

Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra were seen planning in the first week to play the love-drama in order to stay in the show and with every passing week the two have actually fallen in love and are often seen discussing their future together. (Pic: Colors)


The two were often seen making out under the sheets when the lights were out and they recently started to get intimate even in the day time. (Pic: Colors)


Show's host Salman Khan in the gone Weekend Ka Vaar had warned both Puneesh and Bandgi about the cameras installed everywhere. He had also said that their parents are watching them too and if they can do this infront of their parents then they may continue. (Pic: Colors)


The two did not wait even a day and were still getting cozy and in Tuesday's episode they touched the extreme by locking themselves in the washroom. Late in the night, Bandgi first entered the bathroom, followed by Puneesh and they spent time together inside. (Pic: Colors)


Constantly seen making out, kissing & getting intimate with each other, the online users have been referring to them as 'gandgi' which proves the two are completely failing in getting attention but earning hate with their acts instead. (Pic: Colors)


Bandgi who had already told Puneesh "they won't accept me now!" when he asked her "how's your family going to react on it(bathroom scene)?" is actually thrown out of her her house. However, this was her Mumbai flat where the landlord refuses to have her back. (Pic: Colors)


Tellychakkar reports - A close friend of the contestant just revealed to media that she is been thrown out of her mumbai house. Source was quoted as saying, “Her landlord does not want her to stay in his house and has informed her close friend that she should pack her bags and hunt for another house as soon as she’s back from Bigg Boss 11. (Pic: Colors)


“The landlord has no personal issues with her. It is because the society in which she lives, is a very reputed one, and they don’t wish that she should continue to reside in their society anymore, especially because of her presence likely to have a bad influence on the children of that area. Hence, he is ready to throw her out as soon as she’s out of the Bigg Boss 11 house,” added the source. (Pic: Colors)


And another news comes straight from her family that will leave her broken because it's related to her father. (Pic: Instagarm)


The report further states that her father is hospitalised for high blood pressure. (Pic: Instagram)


Source told Tellychakkar, “Bandgi hails from a small town of Punjab called Jalalabad. Belonging to a well-to-do family, her relatives are immensely unhappy with what she has been doing inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. Owing to such rumours and gossip against her reputation, Bandgi’s father was recently rushed to the hospital because of high blood pressure issues,” (Pic: Instagram)


Filmymonkey had showed you the unseen pictures from Puneesh's wedding (see more on filmymonkey.com) and even Vikas and Priyank were also seen warning Bandgi about the same telling her he's married from before. Ofcourse she did't pay heed. (Pic: Instagram)


Even Sapna was heard telling Priyank once that when she confronted Puneesh about Bandgi in the early days, he had said it is only for the game. (Pic: Colors)


Bandgi's boyfriend Dennis Nagpal who was also a friend of Puneesh has already announced break up with her and now with her father getting admitted in the hospital and family disturbed, we can only hope that the two are not doing it just for game. (Pic: Colors)


Dennis with Puneesh and with his girlfriend Bandgi!


And lastly, they should atleast put a full stop on this 'gandgi'(term coined by fans) as long as they are inside BB 11. We wonder though, how would Bandgi react if she gets to know her father's current state. What do you guys think? (Pic: Colors)