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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan's father enters house during 'Statue Task'; Tells her to respect Salman Khan!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 07, 2017 19:36 IST

Like the previous seasons, this year too, the BB 11 makers are set to get audience and the housemates emotional by inviting their family members inside the house.

We just showed you how Shilpa Shinde[WATCH: Shilpa’s mother enters; Vikas, Priyank, Puneesh & other contestants get TEARY-EYED in an EMOTIONAL episode!] and Priyank Sharma were in tears during the visit of their father and girlfriend respectively[WATCH: Priyank cries his heart out on seeing Divya; EX-LOVERS share an emotional bond! PATCH UP on cards?] and now another sneak peek of Arshi's father's visit has been uploaded by the official handle of Colors.

In the 3 minutes long glimpses video we see the current captain of the house, Arshi's father going to each one of the contestants who are turned into a statue, and says funny things to them. To Luv he says, "Mr. Luv aapka to Good Luck chal raha hai!". To Shilpa he says "aise hi chattaan ki tarah khadi raho". To Hina "tum hina ho, achhi mehekti ho, bas bola dheere-dheere karo, bohot tez bol jaati ho, samajh hi nahi aata kya bola!".

And when Arshi is released from her freeze state, she rushes and hugs her father. She tells him "aap boorhe lag rahe ho!" and father smiles and says "to boorha to mai ho hi gaya hun". Dad then takes her out in the garden area and gives her some tips. He tells her that her family believes she should change her hairstyle now, may be tie her hair in a pony which will give her an all new look.

He also tells her to speak more respectfully to show's host Salman Khan. We have seen Arshi address the Bollywood star as only "Salman".

Dad now tells her "Salmanji tumse bade hain, unhe thoda aur respect ke saath bulaya karo.. Salman ji ya phir Salman Sir. Jab bhi wo aayen unhe salaam karo!". Arshi says "mai karti hun to wo dekha nahi kaise bolte hain "namaskaar Arshi ji"..". But father insists saying "tum salaam karo, achha impression padega".

The moments with Arshi's father were funny and emotional at the same time. Moments before his exit, Arshi was yet again made a statue by BB and while Dad makes bids her goodbye showering his blessings on her, 'statue' Arshi was in tears.

Watch the sneak peek video below: 

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