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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan's birthday turns into a riot.. Dance...Cake fight..Gifts! It is Awww!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 01, 2017 22:25 IST

The strained glass walled house of Bigg Boss 11 turned into a party ground when a special cake was sent for Arshi Khan's birthday celebration. Hiten was called in and he gathers everyone!


And then began the grand birthday celebration with each one of them excitingly participating in the fun bash.


Thrilled birthday girl Arshi then goes on to cutting the cake and everyone gathers around shouting and singing "Happy Birthday to you".


She cuts the cake and takes out the first piece and feeds it to Akash and simultaneously heads for her next favorite contestant inside the house.


Arshi feeds cake after Akash to none other than Shilpa Shinde which came as a pleasant surprise to us.


The next for her were Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani. STanding on top of the table, she puts cake in both their mouths at the same time. So we know that her favorites remain her favorites despite her recent fights with Shilpa and Vikas.


Everyone rushed for the cake and the house was filled with cheers and happy laughs.


It was now the turn for cake smearing. Not showing any mercy, Arshi's best friend on the show Vikas Gupta then makes everyone grab her and they give her a nice cake facial.


Arshi then looks for Shilpa to put cake on her face but she requests not to do so saying that's the only jacket she has she was wearing.


With cake on her face she chases Vikas who's seen happily singing for her from inside the locked bathroom "baar baar din ye aaye.. tum jio hazaaron saal ye meri hai aarzoo.. Happy Birthday to you.." This was a very endearing site.


Priyank, Luv and other housemates indulge in some chase game and make Vikas run.


Vikas finally gets caught in the garden area and there!


Ahem! Vikas also looks for Shilpa and finds her in the store room. Adorably he scrapes some from his face making her go "eeew" but succeeds in putting little on her face.


Along with Arshi's birthday it was also Priyank's parents' Marriage Anniversary and Akash's sister's birthday. Priyank then talks on camera wishing his Mom and Dad a Happy Marriage Anniversary along with his friends Hina and Luv.


Priyank is trying hard to make amends with Arshi and he looked the most excited for her bithday throughout this video which is uploaded on Voot. He calls out for her and introduces her to his parents too saying "maine sabko sorry bol diya hai, ab mai koi ghalat kaam nahi karunga". Arshi also wishes them Happy Marriage Anniversary.


The housemates gather in the garden area and everyone shakes a leg as Akash Dadlani raps different songs including "ye Bigg Boss ka ghar hai".


Arshi was given gifts by Priyank, Hina and Luv while Priyank also receives two kisses from her on his cheek. Those pics coming up too! Arshi thanked everyone for such a grand Birthday bash. (All Pics: Colors)


Here's wishing Arshi Khan a very Happy Birthday!