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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan disrespects Shilpa Shinde's mother! Trends on twitter with fans bashing her!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Dec 08, 2017 05:07 IST

Finally the first instalment of the emotional luxury budget task 'Statue' aired in the BB 11 episode last night wherein family members visited the housemates who were in a freeze state. We saw Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan's father, Shilpa Shinde's mother and Priyank Sharma's estranged girlfriend visiting them and in the next episode we'll see Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani mother, Hina Khan's boyfriend[VIDEO! Hina Khan breaks down meeting boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal during Statue Task!], Hiten Tejwani's wife and Luv Tyagi's father visiting them too.

Puneesh's father gave some advices to the housemates, Arshi's father showed his sense of humor and Priyank's girlfriend Divya Agarwal gave him an earful over his flirting with evicted co-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla declaring she's broken up with him[Priyank Sharma cries his heart out on seeing Divya Agarwal; EX-LOVERS share an emotional bond! PATCH UP on cards?].

Everybody was moved to tears seeing everybody else's emotional moments but Arshi Khan had something else on her mind. She misbehaved with Shilpa's mother.

Here's what happened...

Before Shilpa's mother, Arshi's father had visited the house. While talking to every housemate in their statue mode, he mistakenly says to Shilpa believing she was Hina - "bolti zara jaldi jaldi ho, samajh hi nahi aata kya bola!". But as he spots Hina Khan herself in the bedroom, he corrects himself and comes back to Shilpa saying "Shilpa! yaani shilp.. yun hi chattaan ki tarah khadi raho.. kitchen ka kaam sambhaalti raho!"

And when he finally left, Arshi yet again got after Shilpa's life accusing her of giving bad looks to her father....in her exact words - "Shilpa kitini waahiyat aurat hai.. usne mere Papa ko kitni gandi nazar se dekha!"

Arshi Khan's father speaks to Shilpa Shinde who's in freeze mode during luxury budget task 'Statue' Arshi Khan's father speaks to Shilpa Shinde who's in freeze mode during luxury budget task 'Statue'

She also went on to say - "tumhe mujhe problem hai to mere baap pe kyon nikaal rahe ho! Aane do iske gharwalon ko mai bhi dikhaati hun!"

Arshi's behavior irked everyone since they were all emotional and awaiting their own relatives. Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma while talking in the garden area, condemned Arshi for her baseless attacks. Hina was also seen telling her that it can't be possible for Shilpa be disrespectful to anyone's mother or father. Arshi would not listen.

And next in the house to enter was Shilpa's old mother. She entered and without aiming at one particular person she politely said standing in the middle of the living area - "Maa shabd ka apmaan mat karo! Mujhe garv hai ki meri beti ko "maa" ka auhdaa milaa. Us Maa ki mai Maa hun. Maa matlab Bhagwaan."

With urging them to not make fun of the term "Maa", Shilpa's mother then also apologized number of times to everyone saying "kuchh ghalat lagaa ho to maaf kar dena".

Soon after, when released from their freeze mode, everybody rushed to meet Shilpa's mother and which included also her arch rival on the show, Hina Khan.

Everyone greeted Shilpa's mother surrounding her in the dining area.... Except for Arshi Khan. She just sat at a distance in the kitchen area and was also heard murmuring "waahiyat aurat".

Arshi didn't even have the courtesy to meet the old lady who visited as a guest and meant no harm to anyone.

Arshi Khan avoids meeting Shilpa Shinde's mother during luxury budget task 'Statue' Arshi Khan avoids meeting Shilpa Shinde's mother during luxury budget task 'Statue'

Not affected by this like always, Shilpa has a fun conversation in marathi with her Mom while the latter even warned her to use hindi language.

Everyone was brought back to freeze mode before Shilpa's mom left the house and the sweet lady bid everyone goodbye, not forgetting to wave at Arshi sitting at the kitchen seat either.

The outright disrespect Arshi showed to Shilpa's mom has got the audience burning with anger. They are lashing out at her with harsh words and calling her "disgusting" and "besharam" on social media.

Even the former Bigg Boss winner Vindu Dara Singh couldn't contain his anger over this and wrote on twitter - "SHARAM bhi SHARAM seh mar jayegi joh BESHARMI ki bateh ARSHI kar rahi hai BB ke ghar keh andhar! 😡 Family Re-UNIONS in BB r sensitive moments! ARSHI is the first contestant who was NASTY during/after the FREEZE Task!👎"

In the follow up tweet he wrote - "PUNEESH's DAD gave perfect advise to all, especially LUV! DIVYA & PRIYANK - Sad ending! I hope he takes her advise & sticks wt VIKAS SHILPA's mom is so HUMBLE & has a KIND Heart! ALL contestants behaved GRACEFULLY to HMs relatives with d exception of Ms Universe - ARSHI! "

Ex Bigg Boss 9 contestant Suyyash was shocked to see this too and condemned it in series of tweets.

Before we show you what the fans have been writing in reaction to Arshi's attitude, let us tell you that with all the bad things being said against her post the telecast, the controversial model is trending on Twitter.

Guess that's what she wants! She's been trying hard already!

But she has to remember that there's 'Weekend Ka Vaar' approaching too and the superstar host who always tells "do whatever you want to do man, but don't trouble your mother man!" will surely not spare Arshi on this one.

And here's how public is reacting to Arshi: