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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes the new captain? Mastermind Vikas Gupta failed!

Published by - Team Fm | Updated: Dec 06, 2017 05:34 IST

The ongoing captaincy task 'BB Daycare' turned the housemates into baby sitters who had look after their dolls sitting in their prams and each of these dolls were actually the other housemate they had to baby sit. The doll of the winning babysitter would become the next captain of the house.


The first baby cry is heard and the babysitters rush to park their prams. Puneesh Sharma is out of the captaincy race as Priyank couldn't park his pram. Priyank became the 'sanchalak' of the task while Puneesh continued with his doll Luv. On next baby cry buzzer, Arshi doesn't park Shilpa's pram getting the latter out of captaincy race. Likewise, the next time, Akash refuses to park his pram and Hiten gets out of captaincy race who was Akash's baby in the pram.


Here's how the prams were divided among the housemates. Priyank's baby sitter was Shilpa, Doll Arshi was in Vikas' pram, Puneesh's pram had Luv's doll, Hina had Akash's doll in her pram, Shilpa's baby sitter was Arshi, Doll Hina's baby sitter was Hiten, Vikas' doll was in Luv's pram, Doll Puneesh's baby sitter was Priyank and Doll Hiten's baby sitter was Akash.


All through the day, housemates made strategies with obviously Vikas Gupta trying to plan a bigger game. Akash tells Hina who has his doll in pram that he's not interested in captaincy. On the next buzzer, Hina deliberately reaches last and Akash too is out of the race.


Luv and Priyank both want to get immune from eviction and the former went to Vikas asking for his doll to be saved which was in Puneesh's pram. And btw, Luv was carrying Vikas' doll. Even Priyank tried to convince Vikas.


Arshi too had a heated argument when Vikas who has her doll, says to her that it's not in his hands to make her captain in this task.


The first day task got over with Akash, Puneesh, Hiten, Shilpa OUT from the race while Priyank, Luv, Arshi, Hina, Vikas were still in the game. After Arshi-Vikas had a heated argument.. Hina, Priyank & Luv tried to team up with Arshi planning to make her the captain. And here's a shocking surprise!


We saw in the precap video for tomorrow how Hina got furious over Hiten for not parking his pram(it has Hina's doll in it) and if the online buzz is to be believed then it is none other than Arshi Khan who finally becomes the captain of the house.


The unofficial yet reliable BB news source online @BiggBossNewz have revealed that Arshi is the new captain of the house. The BB lovers have also shared that they heard Hina saying in the MTV Extra Dose videos on Voot - "ab isko usse captain banana pada jise wo nhi banana chahta tha....". And another one shares that Akash was heard saying to Arshi - "arshi tu khadoos captain he". (All Pics: Colors)


Did the mastermind Vikas fail since he wasn't willing to make her the captain or was it Team Hina who supported her, blocking the way for others? With only a few weeks left for finale, the game sure is getting more intense and dirty.


Ever since captain's name was revealed online, the ardent show watchers have been debating whether it is failure of mastermind Vikas or Luv Tyagi proved not a "bailbuddhi" afterall! What do you think?