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After tweeting over Kapil Vs Preeti controversy, Shilpa Shinde goes MISSING from Twitter leaving fans in SHOCK!

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Apr 10, 2018 19:05 IST

Shilpa Shinde, who's currently seen as 'Googly' the wife of Sunil Grover aka 'Mr. LBW' on 'Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan' show, was super-actively participating in the ongoing controversy between Kapil Sharma and his Ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes, posting series of tweets favoring both side after one-another. And now with her Twitter profile gone suddenly missing, the 'Shilpians' are left in shocked wondering what's it all about.

Preeti Simoes SPEAKS on Kapil Sharma DRAMA; Says he is ‘SUICIDAL’

This happened while Shilpa is currently working with the sisters-duo Preeti and Neeti Simoes on her IPL 2018 Cricket Comedy show and she faced a lot of lashing from the fans both sides.

Shilpa Shinde SUPPORTS Kapil Sharma; Asks everyone to FORGIVE him

After supporing Kapil Sharma, Shilpa had also written a note addressing it to the Comedy King appealing to him and his team to sort matters with the Simoes sisters and suddenly after a day, her twitter shows "This account does not exist"!

Shilpa Shinde tweets on Kapil-Preeti controversy

Shilpa Shinde tweets on Kapil-Preeti controversy

When the fans tried to find out the truth behind this from her Ashutosh Shinde(Remember Shilpa's brother who even showed up inside Bigg Boss 11 house!), the elder brother had no clue himself.

He wrote back to fans that "She is not angry with anyone.. So called Twitter ethics and SM guidelines are beyond her understanding. We will meet you all Live tonight on Instagram ????".

Brother Ashutosh's tweets on Shilpa Shinde's missing twitter profile

And finally after much await finally the BB 11 winner showed up on her brother's twitter with a video where she explains what actually happened!

She tells fans that she had earlier informed them about not knowing anything about twitter. She apparently had followed profiles lately, which she mentions, she was lashed out for by Ashutosh and citing this is an excuse, she tells she ran away from Twitter.

Watch her video below!

So this goes to prove that it was Shilpa herself who deactivated her Twitter account while the reason is not yet clear! Was it Kapil Vs Preeti controversy or something else, we are not sure!

It is yet to be seen if she returns on Twitter and when?

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