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Account was hacked, says Kapil Sharma on offensive tweets!

Published by - Team Fm | Updated: Apr 06, 2018 22:12 IST
Kapil Sharma turns 37-year-old on Monday(April 2)!

After a slew of offensive and abusive posts from his Twitter page left fans surprised on Thursday, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma said his account had been hacked.

"Hi all, please ignore the previous offensive tweets as my account was hacked. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Love and regards to all," Kapil tweeted late in the afternoon.

Kapil Sharma gets abusive denying reports of FTWKS going off-air; Also supports Salman Khan as he returns on Twitter after 2 weeks!

Earlier, several tweets on his official Twitter handle, included one requested media to not make Salman Khan's conviction news "negative".

"He is a nice man and he will come out of it soon," read one tweet.

A few posts addressed fake news. "Agar main prime minister hota to fake news banane walo ko faansi laga deta (If I was the prime minister, I would have hanged those who spread fake news)."

A few of the tweets had abusive language in Hindi. Some were also targeted at a journalist "who only spread(s) negativity about me for very little money".